General Convention: Blue Book

About the Blue Book online site...

Working with the General Convention office of the Episcopal Church, Church Publishing has made the 2006 General Convention Blue Book available electronically on this site. The Blue Book includes reports and proposed legislation from the Committees, Commissions, Agencies, and Boards of the General Convention (CCABs).


You will need to download the latest version (v. 7.0.7) of Adobe Reader to view this document. For more information about Adobe Reader, click here. The Blue Book may also be purchased for $35.00 directly from Church Publishing's Online Bookstore.

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**includes Administration and Finance, Congregations in Ministry, International Concerns, National Concerns committees and these reports: resolutions approved by Council for the 75th General Convention; 74th General Convention Resolutions; resolutions referred to dioceses; Anti-Racism Committee; Episcopal Archives Strategy Committee; Economic Justice Loan Committee; Episcopal Council of Indigenous Ministries; Jubilee Advisory Committee; Committee on Science, Technology, and Faith; Committee on Social Responsibility in Investments; Executive Council Committee on the Visual Arts; Committee on Criminal Justice; Standing Committee on HIV/AIDS; and Committee on the Status of Women.


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