When God Happens

Gray Temple

Jan/2000, PAPERBACK, 6 x 6

ISBN-13: 9780898693331

Eyebrows raise. The tone is skeptical. "A liberal Charismatic? How can this be?"

Gray Temple, who is a liberal Charismatic, answers the question simply: "When I fell into Spirit-baptism I was an ultraliberal-pacifist-theological-existentialist: I emerged an ultraliberal-pacifist-theological-existentialist who actively loved Jesus." But, though the answer is simple, living prayerfully through its implicit tensions is not.
Temple explores the role of prayer in many emotional and physical settings: from prep school days through ordained ministry; from political activism to Fundamentalist church conferences; from a flourishing Atlanta parish to a harrowing trip through Asia, where the presence--and sometimes the absence--of God is utterly palpable.
Gray Temple's writing is full of surprises. His eagerness to learn, his unflinching honesty, and his humor draw the reader toward a deeper awareness of the possibilities alive in personal encounters with the divine, the moments When God Happens.

For a compact disk or cassette of Gray Temple reading his book aloud visit The Episcopal Media Center website Online Bookstore/Spirituality.

Gray Temple, an Episcopal priest, is the rector of St. Patrick's Church in Atlanta, Georgia, a charismatic congregation. He is the author of The Molten Soul: Dangers and Opportunities in Religious Conversion and Gay Unions: In the Light of Scripture, Tradition, and Reason

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