A Boy, a Magician, and a Harlot

Stories You Never Heard from the Bible

Lori J. Gainer, Jeanie Thibault

Mar/2019, 160 Pages, Paperback, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9781640651036



Invites the reader behind the scenes of Bible stories

What was the reaction of the head waiter at the wedding at Cana when he realized the wine had run out? What gave the man the idea to lower his paralyzed friend through the roof to see Jesus? What were the young men who accompanied Abraham and Isaac on the journey to the mountain thinking? Much of scripture is comprised of individuals who are unnamed but have important roles to play in biblical stories. This illustrated book offers first person accounts of twenty-one Bible stories (Old Testament, New Testament, and apocrypha) from the perspectives of bystanders or "sup-porting" characters, giving us an opportunity to imagine: how would we react? What would we say or do given similar circumstances today? This imaginative collection includes thought-provoking discussion questions for congregational or individual reflection, and can be invaluable for fresh perspectives in sermons and study groups.

Lori J. Gainer started leading youth groups and teaching Bible studies while she was in college and has been active in youth ministry and teaching in-depth Bible studies the entirety of her adult life. She has an Mdiv from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and lives in Austin, Texas.
Jeanie Thibault, teaching experience at all grade levels, spanning forty-five years. She graduated from Pacific Oaks University with a degree in child psychology and attended Fuller Theological Seminary. A certified religion teacher, she taught in parochial schools and was also a Teaching Fellow with the Nevada State Writing Project in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is retired and lives in Washington State.

"What an ingenious approach to Bible study! A Boy, a Magician, and a Harlot: Stories You Never Heard from the Bible is an imaginatively vibrant collection of tales followed by discussion questions that invite the reader to engage with relevant issues both then, and now."––The Rt. Reverend Nancy Hinson, OFC, Ecumenical Catholic Church International

"In a culture in which the Bible is often flattened by fundamentalist readings on the one hand or by antipathy on the other, Gainer and Thibault give it the varied texture it is due. Their 'Imaginative Contemplation' draws often-overlooked biblical characters out of the shadows and into full view. This book is a treasure for anyone interested in letting the Holy Spirit breathe life into our reading of the Word."––The Rev. Bart Smith, pastor of St. Mark's Presbyterian Church in Tucson, Arizona

"A Boy, a Magician, and a Harlot was a pleasure to read and reflect upon. The use of 'Imaginative Contemplation' by the authors helps to bring refinement and clarity to scriptures we have all read and know. This fantastic book provides beautiful insights into the details of life during biblical times, allowing for exploration and inquisitiveness while helping us to understand that each of us has a full story to be told and shared. Plus, the intricate artwork enhances the reflective nature of this book."––Kim K. Friel, EdD., Las Vegas, Nevada

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