Please visit Once there, please click on “Retailers” in the top menu bar, and then “Get Started” to begin your application process. When you reach the Retail Store question, “Are you interested in direct pricing from exclusive Ingram-distributed publishers?” be sure to answer “Yes”.

You will also be asked if you are a tax-exempt organization. Please indicate if you are to ensure that you receive the non-profit status when placing your orders.

After you finish the online questionnaire, you will receive a follow-up welcome email with a few forms that you will need to complete to finish your application process. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact IPS at 866-400-5351 or


Once you have created your account, IPS offers many options to place your order, including EDI, fax, phone, or Ingram’s business to business platform ipage. When using ipage, after you login, click on the IPS tab at the top to place your order. Please note, you must place all Church Publishing items in the IPS shopping cart in order to receive publisher-direct pricing. If you order by EDI or fax you will need to use the IPS SAN Number 6318630 in order to receive your publisher-direct discount.

If have any questions or concerns about your account please do not hesitate to contact IPS at 866-400-5351 or