Bits of Heaven

A Summer Companion

Russell J. Levenson Jr.

Mar/2020, 176 Pages, PAPER, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9781640652712



Short, accessible meditations and photography to guide you through the season.

Author Russ Levenson invites readers to slow down, “toward that stillness that, in a particular way, reveals not only the nature of God but our own nature and God’s calling to us.” These and other thoughtful insights seem most appropriate during the summer season. Bits of Heaven provides devotional readings that are companions to the sunlight, opportunities for relaxation, and growth that surround us during the summer.

Forty meditations, reflections for contemplation, and prayers fill this volume designed to accompany and encourage readers throughout the season. This thoughtful book is part of a series by this well-known author.

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RUSSELL J. LEVENSON JR. has been an ordained Episcopal priest for nearly thirty years. Having served in various roles at churches in Alabama, Virginia, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Florida, he and his wife Laura live in Houston, Texas, where he has been the rector of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church for the last twelve years.

"The traditional Anglican term for the days and weeks of summer is 'Ordinary Time,' but this small but potent book is anything but.  It is an extraordinary gift to all of us from Russ Levenson, priest and pastor."
—Jon Meacham

“My friend Russ Levenson invites us to pause and ponder the gladness of God. His words are like his heart: winsome and gracious. Let him lead you into a quiet place where you will receive a gentle touch from your heavenly Father.”
—Max Lucado, author

"In this wonderful, refreshing, and powerful book, an experienced Rector holds your hand and take you through the eternal truths that cane shape and enhance a life. With humor and anecdote, he helps you understand the gift of faith. As you plan your summer, this is a must read addition. With this book, Russ Levenson is becoming the finest writer of devotional texts in the Episcopal Church today."
—Ian S. Markham, Dean and President of Virginia Theological Seminary

“Dr. Russ Levenson’s fine reputation as teacher and preacher rests on his deep spirituality. In Bits of Heaven, we are given an anthology of down-to-earth meditations that are accessible, interesting, and relevant. I commend Bits of Heaven!”
—The Most Reverend and Right Honorable Dr. George L. Carey, 103rd Archbishop of Canterbury




1 • Idling 
2 • You Look Just Like Your Daddy
3 • Fruit Stands 
4 • He Did, You Should
5 • Watch Your Step 
6 • The Gift of Shame 
7 • Truth Hiding 
8 • Divine Layover 
9 • The Birthplace of Righteousness 
10 • Sometimes It Takes Two 
11 • Which Way to Go 
12 • Delighting in Rules 
13 • Crying, Laying, Waiting 
14 • A Refugium for Your Troubles 
15 • Healing the Hidden 
16 • Forsaken, But Not Forgotten 
17 • Holding Fast to the Shepherd 
18 • Seek and Hide 
19 • Meeting Your Desires
20 • An Undivided Heart 
21 • Deserted Times 
22 • Hungering for Something More 
23 • “It’s Not What You Know . . .”
24 • “And When You Pray . . .” 
25 • Doling It Out 
26 • Doing the Right Thing 
27 • Listen Up! 
28 • Kid Stuff 
29 • No Darkness at All 
30 • Good Wine 
31 • Missing the Mark and Hitting the Bullseye 
32 • Everyone? 
33 • Have Love 
34 • Be Reconciled 
35 • What Do You Do with the Thorns? 
36 • Drawing Circles 
37 • Imitation of a Life 
38 • Press On 
39 • Serious Business
40 • Putting Your Gift to Work 

Afterword The Safest of All Places 
Scriptural Index 
Index of Authors Cited
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  • meditation
  • seasons
  • summer
  • contemplation
  • mindfulness
  • photography
  • devotion

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