Blessed to Bless

An Introduction to the Bible

Tim Sean Youmans

Apr/2020, 344 Pages, Paperback, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9781640652460



A guide aimed at teens to bring greater understanding of the historical context behind biblical stories

Many Christians are vaguely familiar with numerous Bible stories but do not know their context in the literary or historical arc of the Bible. Blessed to Bless gives meaningful organization to the multitude of Bible stories covered in over 1500 years of religious history. Primarily for teenagers, this book can be a resource for any individual or study group wanting a basic, yet comprehensive introduction to the Bible.

The themes, interpretations, genres, and philosophical framework of Holy Scripture are offered to the reader, organized into four historical “arcs.” Each chapter offers scripture, accompanying commentary, and questions for reflection or discussion. Bible vocabulary concepts are highlighted throughout the book, making it a perfect tool for youth group study, a biblical literature curriculum, or a personal challenge (for instance, to read the Bible in a year). A Leader Guide is available for free download on the Church Publishing website for classroom usage.

TIM SEAN YOUMANS is Vicar and Religious Life Department Chair at Casady School in Oklahoma City and serves as clergy associate at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral. He grew up as a Baptist and served as a youth minister before becoming an Episcopal priest. He holds a Bachelor’s from Oklahoma Baptist University, a Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and an Anglican studies certificate from Nashotah House. He cultivates the best of sacramental ritualistic Christianity with the heartfelt spirituality of the evangelical tradition. Learn more at

“This is a family-friendly introduction to the Bible that I wish I’d have been able to pull off my shelf over my many years as a Children’s pastor.” —Trevecca Okholm, author of The Grandparenting Effect: Bridging Generations One Story at a Time

"This book is for every parent who has ever said 'I don’t know enough to talk to my kid about the Bible.' Children learn by osmosis, when they’re joined in the lessons by parents and adults who care and want to learn with them. Tim’s work provides a detailed trail map for a families and friends to learn together. Each section gives depth to scripture, guidance to discussion, and encourages openness to wisdom; equipping caring adults with everything they need to raise up a generation of loving Christians, knowledgeable of the scriptures and their own place in them."

—Caren Miles, Associate for Faith Formation, The Episcopal Diocese of California

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