Candle Walk

A Bedtime Prayer to God

Karin Holsinger Sherman

Feb/2019, 40 Pages, HARDCOVER, 8.5 x 11

ISBN-13: 9781640651326



Share the beauty of nature and bedtime prayer with a special child

In this bedtime book, join in a candlelit wander through the woods, listening attentively to the river, trees, stars, and moths singing verses from scripture. This beautifully illustrated picture book invites families to enter into a calm, contemplative quieting-down based on a centuries-old practice of evening prayer from the Christian liturgical tradition. Like the beloved Office of Compline, the book helps children “complete” their day and prepare for sleep, fulfilling a hunger for a bedtime prayer that is not simply intercessory, but offers an opportunity to practice listening and contemplation. Appropriate for toddlers and school-children alike, Candle Walk is a wonderful way to prepare children for sleep, assured of the nearness of God.

Karin Holsinger Sherman holds a Master's in Christian Spirituality from the Franciscan School of Theology/Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley and a Certificate from the Cambridgeshire Course in Spiritual Direction. She has worked in environmental education and advocacy and children's ministry. Her love of those, writing, art, and the monastic liturgy of the hours, especially the Anglican tradition of Compline, inspired this book. She has published an academic work, "A Question of Being," and is currently employed in her most important work as mother of two young children.

"Candle Walk: A Bedtime Prayer to God, written and illustrated by Karen Holsinger Sherman, prepares kids for sleep by taking them on a walk through the woods and inviting them to experience the Compline, a centuries-old practice of contemplative evening prayer."
––Publisher's Weekly

"For centuries, adults have used Compline as a way of examining their day and preparing themselves for sleep. Candle Walk introduces children to this tradition with words and pictures that calm the soul and draw the reader into sleep. Sharing this story-prayer will bring parent and child closer to each other and closer to God. This is a book to share again and again as part of the bedtime routine.
––Mary Hawes, National Children & Youth Adviser for the Church of England

"Candle Walk: A Bedtime Prayer to God helps bring to children the beauty of the ancient services that make the hours of the day holy. Author and illustrator Karin Holsinger has created a book that gently teaches gratitude for the day that has passed, and awakens us to the beauty of the night, all as a gift of God to us. Let us hope that this is the first of a series of books by this gifted illustrator and author that will introduce yet more of the riches of traditional worship to children and their families today."
––Bishop Marc Andrus, Episcopal Diocese of California

"Candle Walk is a valuable addition to your bedtime bookshelf. With lyrical images and words, it is a centering prayer for families as they prepare their children for sleep."
––Anna V. Ostenso Moore, author of Today is a Baptism Day

"Parent, theologian, and English village dweller, Karin Holsinger Sherman, makes bedtime prayer come alive! With elegant simplicity she remixes the ancient service of Compline into a visual masterpiece that children of all ages can experience with wonder and delight."
––Lisa Kimball, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Lifelong Learning, Professor, Christian Formation & Congregational Leadership at Virginia Theological Seminary

"My daughter Samantha and I have enjoyed this book immensely, reading it to close out the day. It helps us imaginatively and prayerfully offer the whole of our day and our neighborhood to God as we prepare for bed. Our copy has been well read, well prayed, and well loved!"
––The Rev. Jason A. Fout, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Anglican Theology at Bexley Seabury Seminary Federation

"With whimsy and warmth, Candle Walk creates a wonderful way to introduce young children to a historic bedtime ritual that illuminates God's peace, protection, and love. What a gift for parents desiring to instill wonder, trust, and a Compline practice that offers guidance for a lifetime."
––Linda Lawrence Hunt, The Krista Foundation for Global Citizenship

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  • Compline
  • children
  • contemplative
  • liturgical tradition
  • prayer
  • Episcopal
  • Christian life
  • family

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