The Episcopal Church Annual 2019

General Convention Edition

May/2019, 648 Pages, HARDCOVER

ISBN-13: 9781640651395

Still the Leading Source of Information on The Episcopal Church

With origins dating back to 1830, The Episcopal Church Annual – aka "The Red Book" – is an indispensable reference tool trusted year-afteryear by churches, diocesan offices, libraries, and many others.

You will find the following between the covers of the 2019 edition of "The Red Book", and more:

• A comprehensive directory of provinces, dioceses, and churches, including contact information and listings of active clergy
• The canonical structure and organization of The Episcopal Church, including complete directories for the office of The General Convention, The House of Bishops, The House of Deputies, standing committees and commissions, and more
• Listings and contact information for seminaries; Episcopal schools; centers for camps, conferences, and retreats; Episcopal Church Women; and more
• Up-to-date church-wide statistical data and chronological tables
• A classified buyer's guide of vendors and organizations offering valued services to the church

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