New Releases

2022 Episcopal Church Year Guide Kalendar

Open Arms, Safe Communities

Prayers and Blessings for Healthcare Workers

2022 Christian Pocket Diary

Shaping a Faithful Life

2022 Churchman's Ordo Kalendar

A Women's Lectionary for the Whole Church

For the Life of the World

Planning for Rites and Rituals 2021-22

Much Fine Gold

A Women's Lectionary for the Whole Church, Year A

Writing Work of the People

Best Sellers

Embracing Interfaith Cooperation - DVD

Eboo Patel with Tim Scorer$14.95

A Failure of Nerve, Revised, 10th Anniversary Edition

Edwin H. Friedman, Foreword by Peter Steinke$32.95

Once Upon a Time Not So Long Ago

Jennifer Grant, Illustrated by Gillian Whiting$18.95

Crazy Christians

Michael B. Curry$19.95

The Church Cracked Open

Stephanie Spellers$16.95

How to Try

Lorenzo Lebrija $16.95

Coming Soon

A Native Way of Giving

Forrest S. Cuch and Michael Carney$8.95

Walking Each Other Home

Jean M. Denton$16.95

Absalom Jones

Mark Francisco Bozzuti-Jones, Illustrated by Christopher M. Taylor $14.95

Crisis Leadership

Margaret Benefiel$8.95

Loving What Doesn't Last

Christina Kukuk$16.95

La Celebración de la Eucaristía

Patrick Malloy$28.95

Praying with Saint Benedict

Stephen Isaacson$19.95

Soul Stages

Christopher Chamberlin Moore$14.95

La Liturgia

Juan Oliver$19.95

The Silence of Calvary

Christopher L. Webber$9.95

Financial Anxiety

Brendan J. Barnicle$8.95

Radical Welcome, 2nd Edition

Stephanie Spellers$22.95