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Church’s Teachings for a Changing World Series: Volume 1

Eric H. F. Law and Stephanie Spellers

Aug/2014, 112 Pages, PAPER, 5 x 7

ISBN-13: 9780819229601



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• Updated content and approach, compared to earlier New Church’s Teachings series, with emphasis on mission and applicability

• Jargon-free language

The New Church’s Teachings was one of the most recognizable and useful book series in the Episcopal Church. The books were a mainstay on seminarian and clergy bookshelves. With this launch of the Church’s Teachings for a Changing World series, two visionary Episcopal thinkers and church leaders team up to revitalize the currency, integrity, and scholarship of the original series with fresh new voices and style; concise and clear enough for newcomers, yet grounded and thoughtful enough for seminarians and leaders.

In this foundational text for the Church’s Teachings for a Changing World, Law and Spellers explore seismic shifts in American life and the opportunities and challenges each presents to the church today. With a winning combination of passion, creativity, and wisdom, the authors call for a return to Episcopal basics and insist that faithfully engaging a changing world might be the most truly Anglican practice of all.

The series will feature nine books, this introductory book and a summary book with seven books in between which will cover seven topics:

  1. Scripture
  2. Church History
  3. Theology
  4. Ethics
  5. Contemporary Society
  6. Worship
  7. Practice of Ministry 

For Episcopal newcomers, members, church leaders, clergy, and seminarians.

Eric H. F. Law is a prolific author, Episcopal priest, and the founder and executive director of the Kaleidoscope Institute, which provides training and resources for creating inclusive and sustainable churches and communities. He lives in Rancho Mirage, California.

STEPHANIE SPELLERS serves as Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s Canon for Evangelism and Reconciliation. The author of The Church Cracked Open, and The Episcopal Way (with Eric Law), she has directed mission and evangelism work at General Theological Seminary and in the Diocese of Long Island. A native of Kentucky and a graduate of both Episcopal Divinity School and Harvard Divinity School, she lives in Harlem, New York.

"This is a book I've been waiting for. The Episcopal way of following Jesus and being Christian may be one of the best kept secrets in the western world. Finally someone has taken the light out from under the bushel. Let it shine!"
The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry, the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church

"This book lays out clearly what is often overlooked about the Episcopal Church: precisely because we remain deeply rooted in catholic soil, we understand that Christianity is about embracing connection in every direction. At our best, we’re not afraid of connection. Spellers and Law start from that premise, and provide rich and varied practical guidance for any diocese, congregation or individual wishing to re-emphasize our tradition’s commitment to the common good. The discussion is fresh, lively, and often provocative. A good read."
—The Rt. Rev. Thomas E. Breidenthal, IX Bishop of Southern Ohio  

"Transitional times send us back to our core values.  Spellers and Law help us see again our core; we are a people gathered by baptism for partnership with the God revealed in Jesus Christ for the healing of the world. This work honors our past as a church, explains our now and fires us into our future with hope."
—The Rt. Rev. Rob Wright D.D., X Bishop of Atlanta

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