Fearless Church Fundraising

The Practical and Spiritual Approach to Stewardship

Charles LaFond

Mar/2013, 216 Pages, PAPERBACK, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9780819228635



• An award-winning consultant brings humor, wisdom and 25 years of experience to the hardest conversation of all: God and money
• Ecumenical approach for church leaders, development officers and anyone raising money in faith communities

Considering how essential fundraising is to ministry, many church leaders remain terrified of asking for or talking about money. Fearless Church Fundraising removes the terror from stewardship, urging leaders to focus on deep spiritual conversion and a clear, compelling mission before they design the pledge cards.

In this rich resource—part handbook, part workbook, part spiritual guidebook—former monk and popular consultant Charles LaFond combines road-tested strategies and sample campaign documents with a spiritual director’s sensitivity. The result is an irresistible, user-friendly text that promises to transform your ministry’s fundraising and its spiritual life.

Visit fearlesschurchfundraising.com for free downloadable resources on parish financial development.

Charles LaFond, Canon Steward at The Cathedral of Saint John’s in the Wilderness, is a potter, bee-keeper, priest and author on spiritual depth and philanthropy.  Charles developed a tool for churches seeking to improve all aspects of financial development in churches of any size while Canon for Congregational Life in the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire and which became his first book Fearless Church Fundraising.

He spent a decade as a corporate non-profit development officer and a second decade as an Episcopal priest and monk, and now lives in Denver where he raises money and membership at the Episcopal Cathedral. He blogs daily on spiritual life, food, hospitality and generosity at The Daily Sip and has considerable resources for parish financial development including videos and manuals at www.fearlesschurchfundraising.com

Charles is designer and lead presenter for Project Resource, an initiative to train Bishops and their teams of teachers in financial development and membership marketing excellence so that they may return to their dioceses to lead and teach on financial development, membership growth, meaningful case development and the spiritual depth which underpins these essential activities to raise money and people in our churches. 

"No matter how many times we read "Fear not!" in scripture, money and asking for money strike fear in the hearts of those being asked and those doing the asking, laity and clergy alike.  Charles LaFond starts with easing the fear and strengthening the spiritual spines of the askers, and then moves on to setting the givers' hearts on the path to gratitude and generosity as a gift back to God.  If you only read one book on the spirituality and practicality of church giving, make this the one!"   
The Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson, IX Bishop of New Hampshire

"Ask those fisherman who left their old man’s boat immediately, Jesus never asked for a pledge card. He asks for wide open commitments on the spot that lead us to unique adventures.  So it is, and so it will be for the next generation of followers of the Jesus Movement.  Fearless Fundraising is a guidebook for any Church leader who seeks to support its mission in an age when cash checkbooks are being replaced by the more nimble and more mobile Square on the iPhone.   Be fearless about that change. Read this book!"   
The Rt. Rev. A. Robert Hirschfeld, Bishop of New Hampshire

"Many churches face a looming financial crisis as congregations shrink, but with the proper tools, growth is certainly possible. In this timely book, Charles LaFond's own deep spirituality imparts a helpful context for educating parishioners about the theology of stewardship, while at the same time, his emphasis on the best practices of fundraising gives important and practical guidance to both clergy and lay leaders. He calls us all to a more open, healthy relationship with money and provides ready-made curricula, materials, and check-lists for adult forms, Sunday School classes, preaching, and fundraising campaigns."
Jamie McMahon, CFRE
Chair, Standing Commission on Stewardship and Development, The Episcopal Church
Treasurer, Board of Directors, Association of Fundraising Professionals, Western PA Chapter
Director of Development, UPMC Mercy Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA    

"Charles LaFond's new book really does provide one-step shopping for a "how-to" on stewardship. From the pragmatic to the inspirational, and all steps in between, this book is the real deal. It's a must-have for any church trying to raise money, and it's tthe next-best thing to having Charles sitting down with you in person to explain the process. Charles has been an absolute star every time he has presented for the Consortium's annual conference, and it's a delight and an honor to recommend his new book."
Cynthia Cannon McWhirter, Executive Director
The Consortium of Endowed Episcopal Parishes  

"Charles fearlessly draws from deep wells of hope to offer us his gifts as "theological DJ.” In this timely “how to,” he teases us out into courageous conversation about stewarding the future of our beloved institutions while honoring the best of what we used to think of as “church.” He uses classic wisdom about fundraising but compassionately turns the language on its ear to offer us a remix of memories, practical advice and longings for all that God is birthing in our now. Read this and thrive!”
The Reverend Tom Brackett
Missioner, Church Planting, Ministry Redevelopment and Fresh Expressions of Church
Episcopal Church Center

"Those of us who have longed – and labored – for our Church to talk about the joy of giving will rejoice in the publication of Fearless Church Fundraising. Charles LaFond breathes life into our relationship with God, money, and church. He does it brilliantly, compellingly, and unabashedly. He then provides, step-by-step, the strategy that any parish needs to know and implement for a successful fundraising effort: position descriptions, sequenced steps, suggested wording, possible events, etc. It’s all here. Charles removes the fear, hence “fearless” and replaces it with sound theology, spiritual growth and practical steps. Buy it, read it, share it, follow it, and rejoice in resulting spiritual and giving growth, for they are inextricably related." 

Elizabeth M. Lowell
Program Director
The Development Office
The Episcopal Church      

"I commend Charles LaFond’s Fearless Church Fundraising: The Practical and Spiritual Approach to Stewardship to Rectors, Vestries and Stewardship committees of all sizes. Canon LaFond offers a step by step program of education and spiritual transformation of your stewardship. This book includes words of theologically grounded wisdom on the stewardship of money, leadership development, the multigenerational needs of donors, effective inclusive “job descriptions” for rector’s, vestries and stewardship committees and an appendix with samples and check lists.Charles LaFond is to be commended on his thorough approach to all the aspects of Stewardship for the 21st Century; he dots the “I” ’s and crosses the “T” ’s." The Rev. Charles Cloughen, Jr
Director of Planned Giving, Stewardship and Development for the Episcopal Diocese o Maryland


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