Growing a Spiritual Yoga Practice in Church

Susan W. Springer

Mar/2022, 208 Pages, Paperback, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9781640653535



A guide that shows that yoga and Christian faith can be harmonious.

As church membership nationwide continues to decline, the number of yoga practitioners continues to steadily increase. What’s at the meeting place where the trajectories cross? What can the church learn from the popular success of yoga, and is it problematic to offer yoga in the church? How can churches offer yoga in a way that observes, appreciates, and builds upon the commonalities but which does not conflate the two traditions, each of which has its own integrity? Making the decision to offer yoga in the church requires humility: a confession that Christians do not hold the exclusive pathway to communion with the divine.

THE REV. SUSAN W. SPRINGER is an Episcopal priest and rector of St. John’s in Boulder, Colorado. Susan was ordained to the priesthood in December 2009 after a varied career in the Alaskan oilfield and as a small businesswoman. She is the author of four children's books and an adult nonfiction. She served on the board of the Episcopal Preaching Foundation and lectures in various clergy formation programs. She lives in Longmont, Colorado.

“Here is a way for us to find, again and again, the center stillness with which we have always been endowed but often forget we have.”—Barbara C. Crafton, author of The Also Life

“Susan Springer and Sirena Dudgeon’s book grounds yogic practice historically and theologically to demonstrate that the union of yoga and the ritual of communion are complementary partners in spiritual life.”—The Rt. Rev. Dan Edwards, Bishop of Nevada, Retired

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