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July 2020

NEW YORK: July 2020— The diversity of the Episcopal Church’s Latinx membership was on full display recently when more than a dozen representatives met alongside Church Pension Fund and Church Publishing Incorporated staff to discuss new resources for Spanish-speaking Christians.

A Little Blue Bottle Can Help Children—and Adults—through Sadness

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July 2020

NEW YORK: July 2020—In the wake of COVID-19, many children may have questions that are hard for adults in their lives to answer.

Preaching Black Lives (Matter) in the midst of a national struggle

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June 2020

NEW YORK: June 9, 2020 — As protests take place across the United States, messages of transformation and racial justice have never been more necessary or more relevant. Many who have been reticent to speak out on issues of racial inequality in the past now find themselves motivated to take action.

New Audio Book Celebrates Social Justice Champion Ida B. Wells

Church Publishing Incorporated

May 2020

NEW YORK: May 2020 –– “Fearless, ferocious, formidable, and feminist,” Ida Wells was “intersectional before it became cool.”

Born enslaved, Ida B. Wells was a powerful reformer and witness for justice from 1878 until her death in 1931. An investigative journalist and newspaper publisher, Wells led an anti-lynching campaign, worked for women’s suffrage, and founded organizations to improve the lives of African Americans. Wells is being rediscovered today, due in part to the new book, Passionate for Justice: Ida B. Wells as Prophet for Our Time.

The authors, Catherine Meeks and Nibs Stroupe, an African American woman and a child of white supremacy, both grew up in segregated Arkansas. Both have dedicated themselves to working, writing, and developing ministries oriented toward justice, equity, and mercy. Meeks is the retired Clara Carter Acree Distinguished Professor of Socio-Cultural Studies at Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, and the Director of the Absalom Jones Center for Racial Healing. Stroupe, a nationally recognized leader in multicultural and racial justice ministry, served as pastor of Oakhurst Presbyterian Church in Decatur, Georgia. Both have written extensively on issues of race, ministry, and social justice.

This new audiobook—the premier of this format for Church Publishing Incorporated—brings the story of Wells’ life and times into greater relief, even for the authors. Completing the recording, Stroupe commented that “The spirit and witness of Ida Wells only deepened for me.” Meeks concurred, reflecting, “It was more inspiring hearing it read aloud than reading it myself.”

Joining the authors in the narration are Ida B. Wells’ great-granddaughter, Michelle Duster, who wrote the Introduction, and Georgia gubernatorial candidate, Stacey Abrams, who wrote the Foreword. Said Abrams, "In Passionate for Justice, we find a compass that points us to the future, where we can each give voice and action to justice, equity, and life-giving community. Ida Wells would have had it no other way."

Wells defined herself not as a former slave, but as a daughter of God. This affirmation of her equal humanity made her a vocal and fierce opponent of a system that classified African Americans as less than human. “Her dogged adherence to the mission of anti-lynching work and fighting for women’s suffrage along with overall liberation for black people serves as an amazing model for us in the twenty-first century,” said Meeks. Michelle Duster writes, “ As our country experiences efforts to divide and oppress people . . . the life and legacy of Ida B. Wells can be a guide and inspiration for those who are committed to equality and justice.”

Reflecting on the Gilded Age as a touchstone for discussions of race and privilege today, the authors demonstrate that Wells’ story is not only relevant, but necessary. Pulitzer Prize winner Leonard Pitts urges, “This would be an important book at any time, but it is critical for such a time as this."

Women’s Studies and African American history enthusiasts, as well as fans of podcasts and audiobooks, will enjoy learning about this intersectional pioneer.

Listen to the Foreword by Stacey Abrams

Passionate for Justice: Ida B. Wells as Prophet for Our Time
Catherine Meeks and Nibs Stroupe, Foreword by Stacey Abrams
ISBN: 9781640652941
List Price: $19.95
Narrators: Catherine Meeks, Nibs Stroupe, Stacey Abrams, and Michelle Duster
Duration: 5.7 hours

Not All Who Wander (Spiritually) Are Lost courts curiosity among Christians

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April 2020

NEW YORK: April 2020––Can Christians embrace God fully by exploring other faith traditions? Popular Christian blogger, Traci Rhoades, says yes.

Grace is a Pre-existing Condition Offers Vital Insight During Watershed Debate

Church Publishing Incorporated

February 2020

NEW YORK: February 2020––The recent and ongoing controversy surrounding the Affordable Care Act has opened a door for a deeper and more vigorous discussion of health care in the United States.