Fragmented Lives

Finding Faith in an Age of Uncertainty

William L. Sachs, Michael S. Bos

Aug/2016, 176 Pages, Paperback, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9780819232809



How one can trust amidst uncertainty, fear, and anger.

Fragmented Lives describes the meaning of faith for people the Church has shown little facility for attracting but whom it would like to reach, people who have entered church doors occasionally but who have little depth of commitment. It is a book for persons exploring the basis of faith, as well as for church leaders looking to understand how their programs and message can align with faith journeys today.

While examining the growing emphasis on spirituality for those wanting "spirituality without structures," it argues that spirituality has become so elastic in its meaning that it is lacking the definition and direction people seek in finding answers to their questions.

The authors use personal stories to animate the discussion of how faith must be construed as something other than "belief" or "assent." They provide a road map for discovering the journey of living into a faith tradition together. Through this journey, the meaning of faith is illumined and the Church is revealed to be the community of faith that fulfills the needs and intentions of those seeking to live a more authentic life beyond the fragmentation they experience in this age of uncertainty.

William L. Sachs directs the Center for Interfaith Reconciliation at St. Stephen's Church, Richmond, Virginia, and has taught in various seminaries. Previously he was Vice President of The Episcopal Church Foundation in New York City.
Michael S. Bos is the Senior Minister at West End Collegiate Church in New York City and President of The Collegiate Churches of New York. He is Moderator of the Board of Trustees of New Brunswick Theological Seminary and formerly served as Executive and Teaching Pastor at one of America's mega-churches. He lives in New York, New York.

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