Getting to Know Jesus (Again)

Meditations for Lent

Peter M. Wallace

Oct/2017, 128 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5 x 7

ISBN-13: 9780819233615



• Fresh, accessible, and thought-provoking look at the life and ministry of Jesus
• Each day's entry includes a Scripture text, meditation, and questions for journaling and spiritual growth

Lent is a journey of the mind, heart, and spirit from the ashes of humanity to the cross and beyond—to the empty tomb. The central figure in that journey is Jesus. But who was he really? Why did he come and minister among us? How can his teachings enhance our lives? Why did he die? What does his resurrection really mean? These are questions that spur believers of all ages to seek a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Son of Man in their lives.

In this collection of fifty-two meditations and additional resources for spiritual growth, Peter Wallace guides readers through the life and ministry, the words and works of Jesus, with the goal of getting to know him in fresh new ways that encourage a stronger faith and a spirited engagement with the world around us.

Audience: All—young to old, mature Christians and seekers—who seek to deepen their Lenten journey

Peter Wallace, is an Episcopal priest and executive producer and host of the national ecumenical Day1 radio and internet ministry ( and president of the Alliance for Christian Media. Author of 10 books, including Getting to Know Jesus (Again): A Lenten Devotional and he has contributed to numerous curricula and other print and video resources. He is a regular blogger at and He currently serves as Priest-in-Charge at St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church in Oakwood, Georgia.

“Peter has always walked the talk. In this deep Lenten meditation, he reminds us that living meaningfully requires us all to make such a walk. In order to walk faithfully, we must carve out a space for communion with Jesus. The spirit talks to everyone, but only a few listen and are willing to walk with that spirit through the wilderness to the cross. Through his engaging style, Peter compels us to make the steps necessary to listen. Lent is a deep and slow walk that leads us to new life. Peter helps us when we get fearful, distracted, lazy, or judgmental to come back to the heart of the journey. For him, it’s not just the journey or the destination, it’s both on the Lenten walk. You will be blessed by walking with Peter during Lent.”  

—Becca Stevens, author, Letters from the Farm

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