The Hopeful Family

Raising Resilient Children in Uncertain Times

Amelia Richardson Dress

Jan/2021, 184 Pages, Paperback, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9781640653849



Raise hopeful, grounded and action-oriented children in a time that feels full of uncertainty.

Kids and parents alike are feeling the weight of these troubling times. Anxiety disorders are on the rise in teens and children. “Climate anxiety” is a phrase entering our cultural lexicon.

Ancient practices of Christianity, both internal and external, can be a guidepost for parents navigating this uncharted territory. They give us a way to be grounded as well as provide a way of living with purpose in a time of urgency. The Hopeful Family is the guidebook for parents who are building a life of meaning and hope even in a time of unease. Readers will be reminded of the hope that is part of the Christian story and find both inspiration and evidence to step more fully into a framework of abundance and optimism.

AMELIA RICHARDSON DRESS is a United Church of Christ pastor in Longmont, Colorado. She has experience supporting families inside and outside of the church, including working as an early intervention consultant for the Department of Human Services. Amelia has written for Parents, Exchange, and Children’s Ministry Magazine, and for online publications including Spiritual Parent,Build Faith, and MOPS Magazine. Her daughter was diagnosed with anxiety disorder, so Dress knows first-hand what it means to live with both anxiety and purpose.

“As a parent who is deeply connected to faith as well as the values of kindness, justice, and mercy, I often long for guidance on the journey toward parenting resilient, tolerant, and spiritually healthy children. Dress is a thoughtful conversation partner who has given us a great gift in The Hopeful Family, which is full of practical and actionable advice. The study questions in each chapter make it an incredibly practical resource for individual and group study. Thank you, Amelia, for creating a needed resource for such a time as this.”—Traci Smith, author of Faithful Families: Creating Sacred Moments at Home

"Amelia Richardson Dress has written a timely and extraordinary guide that encourages parents to explore faith through the eyes of their children. It provides a framework on which parents can build and understand faith-based practices at home that will produce and sustain much-needed hope in their family lives. An inspiring, optimistic read."—Sophfronia Scott, author with her son Tain Gregory of This Child of Faith: Raising a Spiritual Child in a Secular World

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