A House of Meanings

Christian Worship in Plain Language

Juan Oliver

Jan/2020, 192 Pages, PAPER, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9781640651401

  • Liturgical language made accessible to and relevant for lay parishioners
  • Includes a discussion guide

Professional theological terminology is often inaccessible to the average Christian. A House of Meanings presents liturgical theology in accessible ways, free of technical language. The book is designed for individual reading and structured to be a resource for a series of parish workshops. Chapters conclude with a discussion guide to assist parishioners in developing their own sense of the value of worship and its relationship to our daily lives. Readers will be better able to understand and communicate how the Church is both gathered and sent into service to the world, examining the system of signs and symbols that constitute Christian worship at its core.

Unique and refreshing, A House of Meanings will be useful not only to congregations but to seminarians and anyone planning or evaluating worship.

Audience: Parishioners, seminarians, students of ritual and comparative religion

JUAN OLIVER has served in a variety of ministerial positions as vicar, interim rector, acting canon to the ordinary, and as an academic and professor. Dr. Oliver has published widely on worship and Latino ministry. His most recent project, Ripe Fields: The Promise and Challenge of Latino Ministry (New York: Church Publishing) was published in 2009. He is the Custodian of the Book of Common Prayer and lives in Santa Fé, New Mexico.


  • Worship
  • Liturgy

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