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Church Publishing Incorporated (CPI)

With a religious publishing heritage dating back to 1918 and headquartered today in New York City, CPI is an official publisher of worship materials and resources for The Episcopal Church, plus a multi-faceted publisher and supplier to the broader ecumenical marketplace.

Our book publishing imprints include Church Publishing, Morehouse Publishing, and Seabury Books.

Additional CPI divisions include Morehouse Church Supplies, a provider of church supplies, clergy shirts and more, located in Harrisburg, PA; and Morehouse Education Resources, which produces lectionary-based curriculum, faith formation programs, plus e-publishing resources and services.

CPI Imprints & Divisions


Church Publishing is quite literally our foundational imprint. Launched as the Church Hymnal Corporation, the original church publishing house was dedicated to publishing a single work, The Hymnal 1918, which remains in print to this day.

In the nearly 100 years since its first publication, Church Publishing has emerged as a principal provider of liturgical and musical resources for The Episcopal Church, along with works on church leadership, pastoral care and Christian formation.  With its growing portfolio of professional books and resources, Church Publishing was recognized in 1997 as the official publisher for the General Convention of the Episcopal Church in the United States.  Simultaneously through the years, Church Publishing has consciously broadened its program, reach, and service to the church by publishing books for and about the worldwide Anglican Communion. 

Morehouse Publishing
was independently founded in 1884 and specializes in works for laity – primarily “the people in the pews.” Like Church Publishing, Morehouse serves The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion, but the Morehouse program also reaches out to the broader Christian community with works designed to provide spiritual enrichment and practical guidance to people from all walks of faith.  Morehouse seeks to expand and deepen the Church’s ministry by publishing leading-edge titles in genres including faith and spirituality, women’s issues, youth, and family. Special publishing categories include Episcopal life and practice, plus the fast-growing niche of Christian crafts.

Seabury Books is our trade imprint, targeting the retail book market at large.  Seabury titles reflect the rich and diverse world of religious belief, thought, theory and application. Seabury Books publishes fresh, new works and classic titles for general readers, professionals, students, and scholars, from the viewpoints of many faith traditions.  Originally established in the early 1950s, the Seabury Books imprint has been revitalized by CPI into a progressive, ecumenical trade imprint, publishing a rich and diverse list of thought-provoking books in areas including theology, ethics, culture and society, Scripture, and homiletics.

Morehouse Church Supplies (MCS)
provides a single-source solution for securing high quality church-related products in many categories. While the Episcopal Church is its largest customer group, MCS also caters to parishes, congregations, church schools, and professionals from many other denominations.

Sacramental resources are an MCS specialty, including candles, incense, certificates, and related sacramental supplies, stocked and ready for quick shipping. Parish registers and forms are in the product mix as well as items for individual and corporate worship and prayer, plus bulletins, lectionary inserts, and calendars.

Morehouse Education Resources (MER) is the umbrella publisher and distributor of exciting Christian formation and curriculum brands including Living the Good News, Godly Play, and All Things New. Some MER products are specific to The Episcopal Church; others, like Godly Play are ecumenically focused.

MER also serves as the divisional driver for accomplishing several exciting E-Publishing initiatives contained in the CPI corporate Strategic Plan. As such, a primary business objective of MER is to become the preferred, multi-denominational provider of customer driven, web-based, customizable curriculum products and services.

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