Leading Digital Ministry

A Comprehensive Guide

Marvin Bergman with Keith Anderson

Mar/2024, 256 Pages, PAPERBACK, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9781640656062

This timely guide provides insight and tools to address the challenges and opportunities in leading ministry in a new hybrid world.

While churches have long since used technology to reach broader audiences, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a huge, sudden shift in the ways in which congregations were able to gather. This book explores the role of digital technology in faith-based communities in the future, serving as a guide for church leaders to expand their digital ministries beyond a broadcast model. The author compiles a variety of useful resources that provide insight on the challenges associated with using technology in faith-formation teaching contexts, as well as the advantages and opportunities that arise in a hybrid environment.

Topics include hybrid leadership, the role of technology during disruptive circumstances, digital technology in faith formation and mission, the metaverse, and steps in integrating digital media in lifelong faith formation, among others. This guide also addresses digitally enabled strategies in faith formation events and guidelines for developing and teaching online courses. Church leaders will find this book to be a valuable resource to learn about the latest topics and address the changing needs of their congregations and gain greater competency in digital ministry.

MARVIN BERGMAN has been a professor of Theology at Concordia University for nearly 30 years, where he’s also editor for Issues in Christian Education. He was a Church Planter-Pastor at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Warren, MI and a Religious Education Consultant for Hong Kong International School. He holds an M.Div. at Concordia Seminary, an M.Ed. from Presbyterian School of Christian Education, an Ed.D. from Columbia University, and a PhD from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He lives in Seward, Nebraska.


  • digital faith formation
  • lifelong faith formation
  • hybrid ministry
  • church metaverse
  • hybrid church community
  • digital church culture
  • digital discipleship

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