The Living Diet

A Christian Journey to Joyful Eating

Martha Tatarnic

Apr/2019, 208 Pages, PAPER, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9781640651487

  • A Christian approach to food and diet
  • Combines personal, communal, and theological perspectives on eating and body image

Food: can’t live with it or without it. We are bombarded with messages that the secret to health and weight loss can be unlocked with the right product or magic discipline, but we are getting neither thinner nor happier. Reports suggest that we are losing our battle with obesity, while the anxiety people experience in relationship with food increases. We are taught that bodies are fundamentally a problem to be solved, or worse, a war to be won, while a misguided worldview suggests that our food choices are of concern to us alone; an individual act of pleasure or consequences.

Few resources speak to our food problem from a distinctly Christian perspective. Drawing on a rich assemblage of personal and collected stories grounded in the teachings of Jesus, The Living Diet offers a joyful alternative to the desperation and dissatisfaction that have become cultural norms for both eating and body image, inviting us to consider our choices in the context of community.

Audience: Christians seeking new perspectives on health and diet; pastors and counselors who address wellness

Martha Tatarnic  loves talking religion and politics with friends, eating (and baking) cake, running half marathons, and playing bridge and French Horn. Always looking for new music, new challenges, and new connections in an ancient word, her greatest blessing is to parent two wise, creative children with her husband, Dan. She has served as priest and pastor with congregations across Ontario, each teaching her something of why Jesus chose food to build community and reveal the love of God. She blogs at


  • Food
  • mindfulness
  • wellness
  • diet
  • body image
  • self-esteem
  • spirituality
  • Christian life
  • meals
  • cooking
  • health
  • Christianity

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