Living the Way of Love

A 40-Day Devotional

Mary Bea Sullivan, Foreword by Courtney V. Cowart & Stephanie Spellers

Jan/2019, 136 Pages, PAPER, 5 x 7

ISBN-13: 9781640652309



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  • Reflections follow the practices of The Way of Love—Turn, Learn, Pray, Worship, Bless, Go, Rest
  • Each devotion includes a passage of scripture, a story, and reflection questions
  • Perfect during Lent or any time of year

Living the Way of Love offers forty brief reflections about the seven Jesus-centered practices identified by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry in "The Way of Love" initiative. Sullivan tells stories from her own and others' experiences as a starting point for discussion about how to seek and find a deeper connection to God. Rotating through each practice so that each is covered once a week, going deeper into the practice throughout the forty days, each reflection ends with questions designed to spur further discussion and assist readers in making the practices their own. Perfect for using as a Lenten devotional or at any time of the year, the book includes a guide for creating a personal rule of life, and a downloadable Facilitator's Guide.

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Mary Bea Sullivan is a graduate of Virginia Theological Seminary and Associate Rector at Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church in Birmingham, Alabama. She is a trained Spiritual Director and author. She leads retreats and facilitates small groups. She is the Chair of the Commission on Spirituality in the Diocese of Alabama and is on the faculty for the Metagem Institute. Prior to attending seminary, Mary Bea founded a community-based nonprofit — Project Compassion, in Chapel Hill, NC — which was a collaboration with Duke University, The University of North Carolina, faith communities, and retirement facilities. She is married to the Rev. Dr. Malcolm Marler who is Director of Pastoral Care at UAB Hospital. They have two adult children, Brendan and Kristin.

"Mary Bea Sullivan's devotional gifts us with the present of presence; she opens the door for the replenishing of our spirit. It is up to us to walk through that door and utter the 'holy yes.'"
—Patti Callahan Henry, New York Times bestselling author

"With compelling stories that invite personal reflection and discovery of grace buried in the soil of our everyday lives, Mary Bea Sullivan takes us on a Lenten journey into deeper companionship with the One in whom 'we live, and move and have our being.' Along the way, we encounter time honored practices and disciplines that can heighten our capacity to respond to God's voice 'with the ear of the heart.'"
––The Rt. Rev. Frank T Griswold, XXV Presiding Bishop

"The Rev. Mary Bea Sullivan has written a guide for Lent, organized into the seven practices our Presiding Bishop calls us to reclaim as we offer ourselves to Jesus' way of love. These are not concepts for our minds to consider but a faithful person sharing her story, her ministry, and her love for our hearts to hear. Lent can be difficult if we pay attention; it's good to have a friend to walk with us."
––The Rt. Rev. John McKee Sloan, 11th Bishop of Alabama

"A good devotional is like a cherished walking friend who encourages you to stay with your daily routines, especially when you might be tempted to sleep in. She rewards you each day with engaging stories and bracing insights, questions to carry you through the day and guidance for new exercises to try. In Living the Way of Love: A 40-Day Devotional, Mary Bea Sullivan proves to be that kind of walking friend for our spiritual lives. This is a devotional you will cherish."
––The Rt. Rev. Jake Owensby, author of A Resurrection Shaped Life: Dying and Rising on Planet Earth and Your Untold Story: Tales of a Child of God



DAY 1 Turn: Standing in the Hog Trough

DAY 2 Learn: Listening to Scripture

DAY 3 Pray: Giving Thanks

DAY 4 Worship: Kneeling at the Rail

DAY 5 Bless: Stories of Hope

DAY 6 Go: Warming

DAY 7 Rest: Freedom

DAY 8 Turn: Beauty in the Rubble

DAY 9 Learn: Wrestling Together

DAY 10 Pray: Morning Prayer

DAY 11 Worship: The Front Row Seat No One Wants

DAY 12 Bless: Smilin’ Uphill

DAY 13 Go: Bags of Comfort

DAY 14 Rest: Body Wisdom

DAY 15 Turn: The Beauty in the Bark

DAY 16 Learn: The Word Comes Alive

DAY 17 Pray: Walking Our Prayers

DAY 18 Worship: Selves, Souls, Bodies

DAY 19 Bless: Breathing Out Blessings

DAY 20 Go: Christ’s Light

DAY 21 Rest: Airplane Mode

DAY 22 Turn: Listen Devoutly

DAY 23 Learn: Meeting Jesus

DAY 24 Pray: All Shall Be Well

DAY 25 Worship: Belonging

DAY 26 Bless: Inner Nature

DAY 27 Go: It’s All God’s Vineyard

DAY 28 Rest: Still Voices in the Storm

DAY 29 Turn: Be Who You Are

DAY 30 Learn: Follow Me

DAY 31 Pray: A Rare Treasure

DAY 32 Worship: Dining and Dashing

DAY 33 Bless: No Holding Back

DAY 34 Go: All Things Mend

DAY 35 Rest: Transforming the World One Picture at a Time

DAY 36 The Way of Love: Fist Bumps of Love

DAY 37 A Rule of Life: Building Your Trellis

DAY 38 A Rule of Life: Turn, Learn, Pray, and Worship

DAY 39 A Rule of Life: Bless, Go, and Rest

DAY 40 A Rule of Life: A Support System


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