Mission-Shaped Parish

Traditional Church in a Changing World

Paul Bayes, Tim Sledge, John Holbrook, Mark Rylands, Martin Seeley

Sep/2010, 148 Pages, Paperback, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9781596271289



This is a practical how-to guide introducing new, mission-shaped practices in a traditional parish setting. This book looks at the church's bread-and-butter activities -- worship, pastoral contacts, civic and public responsibilities, faith formation, administration and leadership -- and creatively points out how to reframe them with a focus on God's mission.

Paul Bayes is the Church of England's National Missioner.
Tim Sledge is the Missioner Enable in Peterborough.
John Holbrook is Rector of Wimborne Minster in Dorset.
Mark Rylands is Director of the Council for Mission and Unity for Exeter Diocese.
Martin Seeley is Principal of Westcott House.

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