Much Fine Gold

The Revised Common Lectionary

Gail Ramshaw

Sep/2021, 96 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5 x 7

ISBN-13: 9781640654228

What is the lectionary? How did it come into existence?

How does this contemporary lectionary nourish Christian faith and life? Further, why does the lectionary employ metaphor, the richest form of language, in the midst of the worshiping assembly? How do the biblical readings prepare worshippers for the church’s mission? Well-known liturgist and author Gail Ramshaw opens up the logic and purpose of this widely used resource.

The basics of Episcopal and Anglican worship in North America are explored in this Little Books series, which invites parishioners and newcomers to consider both the beauty of worship and Episcopal ethical commitments.

GAIL RAMSHAW is a premier historian and theologian of Christian liturgy. Her contributions to understanding and shaping American Christian worship in the last 25 years are formidable.


  • Rituals
  • formation
  • community
  • parish life
  • Little Books
  • scripture
  • lectionary
  • bible reading

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