Pilgrim: Church & Kingdom

A Course for the Christian Journey

By Stephen Cottrell, Steven Croft, Paula Gooder, Robert Atwell, and Sharon Ely Pearson

Aug/2016, 72 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9780898699524



Pilgrim is a teaching and discipleship resource that helps inquirers and new Christians explore what it means to travel through life with Christ. A Christian course for the twenty-first century, Pilgrim offers an approach of participation, not persuasion. Following the practice of the ancient disciplines of biblical reflection and prayer with quotes from the Christian tradition throughout the ages, Pilgrim assumes little or no knowledge of the Christian faith. Individuals or small groups on the journey of discipleship in the Episcopal tradition can use Pilgrim at any point.

Pilgrim is made up of two parts, each with four courses contained in four booklets:
Follow: Do you turn to Christ?
1. Turning to Christ
2. The Lord's Prayer
3. The Commandments
4. The Beatitudes

Grow: Will you continue in the Apostles' teaching and fellowship? Releasing August 2016
5. The Creeds
6. The Eucharist
7. The Bible
8. Church & Kingdom

Each course offers six sessions each that combine a simple prayer, reflection on a biblical selection using lectio divina, an article by a modern writer, and reflection questions.

There is also Pilgrim Leader Guide which is an essential tool for anyone who wishes to offer any portion of Pilgrim in a small group, whether in church, school, or home.

Course 8: Church & Kingdom: What does it mean to live as a child of the kingdom of God and follow in the way of Christ each day as a member of his church? How does it affect our life at work as well as at home? How does it affect what we do with the gifts we have been given, especially those gifts of time and talents, passions, resources, and money? How is the Christian faith changing us and shaping us so that we become more like Jesus? The importance of prayer, living out our faith, celebrating Sabbath, and reflecting generosity is explored. We look at how faith in the God who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit shapes and changes all our relationships.

Download a sample session

Stephen Cottrell is the Bishop of Reading in the Church of England. He has written or contributed to Reflections for Daily Prayer, the Emmaus discipleship course, Traveling Well, and Praying Through Life, all published by Church House Publishing.

Steven Croft is the Bishop of Sheffield. From 2004 to 2009 he was Archbishops’ Missioner and Team Leader of Fresh Expressions. Former warden of Cranmer Hall, he spent 13 years in parish ministry.

Paula Gooder is a freelance writer and lecturer in biblical studies, a Reader in the Church of England, and a lay member of the General Synod. She is also a Trustee of SPCK and the Saltley Trust and an honorary Canon Theologian at Birmingham and Guildford Cathedrals. She is the author of A Way Through the Wilderness and the best-selling Lent course Lentwise, and co-author of the Pilgrim course and Love Life, Live Advent.

Robert Atwell was Vicar of Primrose Hill, London, from 1998 though 2008, when he joined the episcopate. Formerly a lecturer in patristics at Trinity College Cambridge, where he was Chaplain, for ten years.  He maintains his link with the Order of St. Benedict.

Sharon Ely Pearson is a Christian educator, editor, and author with 35+ years of experience in Christian formation on the local, judicatory, and church-wide level. Known for her knowledge of published curricula across the church, she has written or edited numerous books, including The Prayer Book Guide to Christian Education, 3rd edition; Call on Me: A Prayer Book for Young People; The Episcopal Christian Educator's Handbook; and Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Theologies of Confirmation for the 21st Century. She is a graduate of Virginia Theological Seminary and a lifelong Episcopalian. You can follow her at www.rowsofsharon.com

"Church and Kingdom gently invites Pilgrim participants to grow beyond signing up for the Jesus Movement to actually practicing transformational living. The supportive group format encourages a faith that overflows from Sunday into the rest of the week. Group members are equipped to discover a pathway for daily practice of resurrection living through prayer, life balance, generosity, affirming relationships, challenge to injustice, and respect for creation. Congregations that seek to support their members' daily life ministries will welcome this resource."
––Demi Prentiss, co-author of Radical Sending: Go to Love and Serve

The Pilgrim program is an exciting and highly accessible set of educational resources for Episcopalians and other Christians, wherever they are in their spiritual journey. Church leaders, take note, these helpful courses are well worth using in your congregations
—The Rev. Canon C. K. Robertson, Ph.D.
Canon to the Presiding Bishop for Ministry 
Beyond the Episcopal Church

Pilgrim: A Course for the Christian Journey, a 21st century resource for those who are considering becoming Episcopalians or for Episcopalians deepening their commitment to God and to the Episcopal Church, is an exceptional comprehensive study. The Pilgrim series Leader's Guide is clear in explaining the how to's as well as the nuances of leading a group. "The Commandments: How do Christians behave?" is a beautifully written study teaching the history of The Commandments in the context of living faithful lives today. I highly recommend the Pilgrim Series for adult confirmation/journey classes, or for anyone seeking to better understand what we, as Episcopalians, believe.

—Deborah Bell Rodahaffer
Episcopal Diocese of Kentucky, Commission on Ministry, Standing Committee

Pilgrim is a welcome resource for discipleship formation in TEC, presenting the foundations of the Christian faith in a format that is accessible and that encourages reflection and discussion. The Commandments segment provides a rich theological, historical and biblical background for breaking open the Decalogue and making it a useful tool for the spiritual journey. The companion Leader's Guide is user-friendly and will support group leaders at any level of experience in leading fruitful discussions.

—The Rev. Canon Patricia S. Mitchell
Canon Missioner, Mount Vernon Episcopal Ministry



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  • Small Group Study
  • Faith Formation

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