MP3 album and single tracks

Fran McKendree

Oct/2010, MP3

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Listen to the first six tracks.  (22 minutes)

Over lunch listen to tracks seven through twelve.  (16 minutes)

At the end of your day listen to thirteen through eighteen.  (31 minutes)

From the first breath of wind chime sound to the exuberant “God Beyond Knowledge” and joyous “Creating God” to the gentle and elegant “Watch, O Watch” and the thoughtful “Fire,” your day will be marked by a cycle of meditative prayer woven expertly with music that touches your soul and opens your heart to the voice of God.

Do this for yourself and may the grace of God be always with you.

"I don't know what to call it--heart, clarity, vision, soul--but there is so much of it in Fran's songs that I cannot hear his voice without receiving more of these gifts myself."     ~ Barbara Brown Taylor


"Awake is imbued with reverence and respect, playfulness and joy. Songs flow gracefully from the simplicity of monastic chants through the intricate rhythms and textures of reggae, bluegrass, and world music. The result is an artful, soulful, prayerful journey upon which the WORTH-ship of God is magnified and the inherent worth of every human being is illuminated by the light of Christ."

--The Very Rev. Brian Grantz
Dean, St. James Cathedral, South Bend, Indiana



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