A Wing and a Prayer

A Message of Faith and Hope

Jan/2007, 176 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5.5 X 8.5

ISBN-13: 9780819222718



Katharine Jefferts Schori is a bishop on the move-she pilots her plane to remote parishes around the sprawling diocese of Nevada and shares her passionate message of reconciliation and peace. As the first female primate in the 500-year history of Anglicanism, she'll have the opportunity to speak to a far wider audience. This book will be the vehicle for introducing Bishop Jefferts Schori and her platform to the wider Church.

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Katharine Jefferts Schori is the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church. Prior to her ordination to the priesthood in 1994, she was a visiting assistant professor in Oregon State University's department of religious studies, a visiting scientist at Oregon State University's department of oceanography, and an oceanographer with the National Marine Fisheries Service in Seattle. She became the Anglican Communion's first female presiding bishop in 2006.

"In these essays, the Presiding Bishop offers her understanding of the ‘reign of God,' a ‘new government' she calls this reign. We, the baptized, are to make it reality; no equivocation for Bishop Jefferts Schori. She also tells wonderful stories that give us insight about herself, the new leader of the Episcopal Church; a woman of profound faith, keen intelligence and a prophetic sense of justice." -The Right Reverend Jane Holmes Dixon, Senior Advisor for Inter-Religious Affairs, The Interfaith Alliance

"The pastoral soul of a priest and bishop comes through in these essays. Drawn from her preachings, Katharine Jefferts Schori reflects on our complex world through the lens of scripture and the Church's vocation to serve both its members and those considered ‘outsiders' by our Church and world. Besides being excellent spiritual reading for modern Christians, preachers can learn from Jefferts Schori how to apply the scriptures to daily life in the twenty-first century." -Rev. Jude Siciliano, O.P., member of the Dominican Order and preacher and instructor in homiletics

"Don't open this book if you find living with your eyes closed comforting. Katharine Jefferts Schori asks, "Is there anyone we feel we have no need of?" and proceeds to tell us how our answer to this Gospel question will challenge, guide and transform us. Read it if you dare with eyes wide open to the world around us." - The Rt. Rev. Don E. Johnson, Bishop of West Tennessee

"Writing to the community of faithful, hopeful Christians everywhere, Katharine Jefferts Schori reflects on God's love for us as we know it in Jesus Christ and as we seek to live it out in our mission and ministry. Inspirational and thought provoking, A Wing and a Prayer speaks to the critical role of faith and hope in addressing the world's great needs." -The Rt. Rev. Robert H. Johnson, Bishop (retired), Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina

"A Wing and a Prayer resounds the gospel call to radical inclusion and welcome assuring us of the Holy Spirit's presence and power as we say ‘yes' to this call. Jefferts Schori reminds us to ‘fear not' and to live our faith daily in dramatic acts that proclaim the Good News of life abundant for all God's people." -Margaret Rose, Director of Women's Ministries, Episcopal Church Center

"With this collection of forty lively, image-rich homilies, Katharine Jefferts Schori offers an introduction to the foundations upon which she will build her ministry as Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church. Grounding her reflections in a theology of the reign of God-‘God's dream for creation'-she dares to ‘dream big' herself, casting a vision of a world without poverty and hunger, where we all recognize our interdependence with every other child of God. At the same time, Bishop Jefferts Schori relates snatches of her own story-earthy descriptions of mountain hikes and oceanographic voyages, and vivid recollections of people who have gifted her with surprising glimpses of God's grace. Read this book as a series of daily meditations, and by the end of it you will not only know Bishop Katharine better, but you will find yourself filled with a livelier hope, re-energized for the ministry and mission of all of us baptized in Christ." The Rev. Linda Lee Clader, Ph.D., Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor of Homiletics, Church Divinity School of the Pacific

"A Wing and a Prayer offers profound truths and vivid images of a more peaceful and just world. This powerful book will inspire people of faith and seekers alike to make its vision real." -Rev. Dr. Katharine Henderson, author of God's Troublemakers: How Women of Faith Are Changing the World

"Her essays reflect her deep concern for the total ministry of all baptized Christians and the peace and justice issues that she urges the church to embrace with great enthusiasm."--Episcopal Life, February 2007

"A collections of micro-sermons grouped thematically around issues like social justice, the deep love of God, the need for interfaith understanding, and the responsibility of all baptized persons to participate in lay ministry. Jefferts Schori speaks from an Episcopalian perspective, but also draws on Orthodox, Catholic and other Protestant traditions, making this a thoughtful resource for many different Christian denominations."--Publishers Weekly Religion Bookline, January 2007

"She reflects on the issues confronting today's church with an impressive grasp of the Gospel, as well as its implications for individual Christians." -Sierra Vista Herald, March 2007

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