Blessed by Light

Ana Hernandez; Ruth Cunningham

Nov/2009, MUSIC CDS

ISBN-13: 9780898696325

  • A new recording by the duo HARC (Ana Hernández and Ruth Cunningham) well known in Episcopal circles and elsewhere.     
  • An eclectic mix of creative arrangements of hymns and various chants (some Eastern) for voices in a variety of  musical styles using broad range of instrumental accompaniments. 
  • Some selections are from CPI music collections such as Music by Heart.
  • Ideal for meditation, easy listening, exercising, iPODS


Ana Hernández is a performer, composer, recording artist, retreat leader, and author who has several recordings published and available from Church Publishing: Voice of Angels; Eternal Spirit; HARC; and Blessed by Light. Several of her compositions are in these books: Music by Heart, Voices Found, and Enriching Our Music 1 and 2.

Ruth Cunningham is a performer, composer, recording artist, and photographer who performs and records with HARC (with Ana Hernandez) and with Anonymous Four. She has written several compositions for our recent book Music by Heart.

Arise, Shine (from Music by Heart)
Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha
In Paradisum
Sri Krishna Saranam Ma Ma
This Little Light (in Lift Every Voice and Sing)
Tar A Thigherna Celtic chant (from Music by Heart)
Om Namaha Shivaya
Come Light of Lights (from Music by Heart)
Christ Be with Me
Brother James’ Air (a Carl Daw metrical version)
Be the Peace
Guitar, flute, klong yaw, ankle bells, shruti box, djembe, tamboura, harp, tongue drum, cello (Eugene Friesen who records with Paul Winter)

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