Embracing Emergence Christianity - Workbook

Phyllis Tickle on the Church's Next Rummage Sale

Phyllis Tickle with Tim Scorer

Jul/2011, 96 Pages, PAPERBACK

ISBN-13: 9781606740712

Author, historian and keen cultural observer Phyllis Tickle invites us to join her in examining the changing face of Christianity and culture. Phyllis surveys 2000 years of Western history, identifying the great upheavals that occur in Western culture and Christianity every 500 years. The last was the Great Reformation of the 1500’s; the next is happening now. What are the implications of this “Great Emergence,” both culturally and spiritually? What are the key questions and issues that need to be addressed? Where might we be headed next? And, perhaps most importantly, where are you, at this moment? Might you be an emergence Christian?

The Embracing Emergence Christianity DVD is sold separately. 

There are six sessions on the DVD. Each session begins with a video presentation by Phyllis Tickle, lasting from 10-15 minutes. Ms. Tickle’s presentation is followed by filmed interaction with a small group. The Participant Workbook then helps your small group “join the dialogue” in your own setting.


Session 1: Emergence 101

Session 2: Where Now is the Authority?

Session 3: The 20th Century and Emergence

Session 4: Gifts from Other Times

Session 5: How Then Shall We Live?

Session 6: Hallmarks of Emergence

Tim Scorer writes the accompanying study guides for the Embracing series. Tim is an educator, retreat leader, and spiritual director, who lives near Vancouver, Canada.  He works part time in adult faith formation at St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church.


Phyllis Tickle is an authority on religion in America and a much sought after lecturer on the subject. Founding editor of the Religion Department of Publishers Weekly, she is frequently quoted by media sources including USA Today, Christian Science Monitor, the New York Times, PBS, NPR, the Hallmark Channel, plus innumerable blogs and websites. In addition to lectures and numerous essays, articles, and interviews, Tickle is the author of over two dozen books in religion and spirituality, including The Great Emergence, How Christianity is Changing and Why and The Words of Jesus, A Gospel of the Sayings of Our Lord.

"Where do you believe God is leading? Tickle takes us on a pastoral journey, of which we cannot see the end detail, but into which the Spirit continues to invite us. This is an invitation to be disturbed, moved out of our comforts and into the new thing God is doing among us. This is the Jesus road, that always leads out of death to resurrection."
—The Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, Presiding Bishop & Primate of The Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop

"Phyllis Tickle, better than anyone I have heard or read, brings focus and clarity to what we all sense, a change of monumental proportions is occurring and "church" will never be the same.  This is a conversation we must have, and here, through reading, video, and local discussion, this series helps that conversation emerge.   While Tickle has a rare and unsurpassed grasp of history, and an even more admirable way of sharing it, this series gives a glimpse of what many often do not see, her pastoral sensibility in sharing the "long lens of history" and her ability to guide, as we both grapple with all we do not yet know, and our overwhelming desire to act, even if in small ways, to move the great emergence to a lived reality.  The Church is changing, we are changing, we are blessed to be living through one of the great hinge points of history, and Phyllis Tickle is our prophet."
—The Rt. Rev. Gregory H. Rickel, Bishop (Episcopal Church) of Olympia, Seattle, Washington

"Embracing Emergence Christianity is exactly the resource for which so many of us have been waiting. It is foundational for practitioners inside and outside our traditional institutions. Those peering into the future of faith communities with longings for God’s best will discover this as an inspired conversation with seasoned companions."
—Tom Brackett, Episcopal Church Center’s Missioner for Fresh Expressions of Church, New York City.

"Emergence Christianity will be a familiar concept to many and confusing and unsettling to others. However you approach the changes in our churches and culture, this study can helpfully enable participants to define terms, place the movement in an historical context, and engage in substantive conversations about the church today. The participant workbook gives many suggestions for engaging the material found in the DVD and the discussions should be lively!  This study should be an excellent resource for those who find a home in the emergence Christianity movement and for those who want to know more about it."
—Ann Thomas Knox, Union Presbyterian Seminary, Richmond, VA 

"While there are many books out there on Emergent Christianity, there hasn't yet been a comprehensive study series that allows a group to delve into the questions.  This series allows you to engage with Emergence Christianity as well as ask what it might mean for us as a church, see it's history, hear how others are living through this upheaval and understand the patterns through time that have lead to new movements in the church. What a gift to us all as we continue to live into a new way of being the church."
—The Rev. Shannon Kelly, Bishop's Assistant for Christian Formation, The Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee

"There are great and exciting cultural changes taking place around the world. In every area of life we see re-organizing, fresh passion and new opportunities. This is true in no place more than the religious landscape. Phyllis Tickle is, to many of us attempting to live in this new faith reality, the ultimate tour guide for Emergence Christianity. This DVD series is smart, encouraging and timely."
—Doug Pagitt, Pastor of Solomon's Porch, author of Church in the Inventive Age

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