First Eucharist & Beyond Leader's Guide

Updated for the Revised Mass

Feb/2005, 64 Pages, PAPERBACK

ISBN-13: 9781931960359



First Eucharist and Beyond is a resource for Catholic parishes.

This Leader Guide contains everything a catechist needs to lead one parent's session and four children's sessions to prepare for celebrating the sacrament of the Eucharist. The emphasis is not just on "first communion" but on the ongoing experience of growing in communion with Christ in everyday life.

The sessions focus on the presence of Christ in the assembly, the proclaimed word, the bread and wine, and in our world.

This book includes age appropriate activities and discussions for both younger children (ages 7-8) and older children (ages 9-11). Use with the Family Activity Book and Child's Book to complement and reinforce the material in the four parish sessions.

The leader guide includes:

  • Plans for both parents and children's sessions, including catechist background, goals, overviews and materials list
  • Prayers, rituals and scripture stories
  • Age-appropriate activities
  • Explanation of what we do and say at Mass
  • Ways to encourage parents to use the home

Steve Mueller is a popular speaker, teacher, and author of The Seeker's Guide to Reading the Bible: A Catholic View.

"These interactive materials invite families to a more conscious and active participation in the celebration of the eucharist and in living and growing in communion with Christ and one another in our daily lives." - Sr. Mary Ann Flax, C.S.J., Coordinator of Faith Formation, Holy Name Parish, Steamboat Springs, CO

"First Eucharist and Beyond makes use of the best liturgical and Scriptural insights as well as contemporary catechetical theory. The emphasis on relationship is a major strength of the material that is understandable and relevant to all who are participating - children, parents, and catechists." - Sr. Laetitia Slusser, SC, Coordinator of Formation, Diocese of Pueblo.


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