Follow Me

Christian Growth on the Pilgrim's Way

Brett Webb-Mitchell

Sep/2006, 175 Pages, PAPERBACK

ISBN-13: 9781596270251



A collection of essays written after the author's visits to several pilgrimage sites in the United Sates, Central America, and Europe. There are also reflections on pilgrimages he has led, primarily while teaching at Duke University Divinity School. The book is structured around the stages of a pilgrimage, beginning with an idea and moving inexorably toward the pilgrim's geographical and spiritual destination.

Brett Webb-Mitchell is an author, educator, and minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA). His Seabury books include Follow Me: Christian Growth on the Pilgrim's Way and On Being a Gay Parent: Making a Future Together. He leads pilgrimages in the U.S. and abroad and is the founder and director of the School of the Pilgrim. His previous books on people with disabilities include God Plays Piano, Too; Unexpected Guests at God's Banquet; Dancing with Disabilities, and with Diane Archer, Sacred Seasons.



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