Gradual Psalms

with Alleluia Verses and Tracts, Years A, B, C

Bruce E. Ford

Dec/2007, CD-ROM

ISBN-13: 9780898695571

Offer your choir and congregation the best resource for chanting the psalms with this new edition of Gradual Psalms for the Revised Common Lectionary. Each psalm text is set with complete word underlay for the responsorial psalm tone. Now precious rehearsal time can be devoted to the musical singing of psalms rather than working out complicated pointing schemes. The congregational refrains are available in two formats (TIF and EPS) for easy insertion into the bulletin. Every liturgical date includes the complete psalm or its alternate as appointed for the day, plus the alleluia and verse or tract on one printout.

  • Complete revision of the original 1980 edition by Richard Crocker.
  • Newly set congregational refrains updated for language, in TIF and EPS formats.
  • Each psalm set with complete text in word underlay for the selected psalm tone.
  • Psalm and alleluia verse or tract in each week's PDF file for cantor or choir.
  • Verses are fully set to music for choir or cantor rather than being pointed.
  • Clearly marked pages may be filed and re-used when the lectionary cycle repeats.

Please use the Errata tab above to download the PDF of the correct Psalm for the Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany.


Bruce E. Ford is a recognized chant scholar who completed the initial offering in the Gradual Psalms series. He contributed to The Hymnal 1982 and the Companion. He lives in Newark, NJ.

Epiphany 4 C

As in all human endeavors there is chance for errors. In assembling the files for this product, the Fourth Sunday after Epiphany for Year C only was indvertently  replaced with the Fourth Sunday of Easter. Please click here to download the correct file for that celebration, and accept our apologies for the error.

Alleluias ad libitum  #12, 13, and 14

The first half of the Alleluia in these three iterations has been incorrectly transposed. It should begin on D and continue a whole step lower throughout "Alleluia, Allelu- . . . ." For a correct notation of the Alleluia see Ascension Day Years A, B, C. The verse is notated correctly.

Proper 14C GR track (2)

There is a typographical error in the labeling of this psalm. It is labeled "13:12-22 " but it should be "33:12-22." The psalm set to music is psalm 33, and therefore correct.

Excellent work has also been done by Bruce Ford, and many of his solutions coincide with those of the German Benedictines. I refer the reader to his article posted on the website CMAA [Bruce E. Ford’s article “Setting English Texts to Gregorian Psalm Tones: Theoretical Considerations and Practical Suggestions” is found at] and hereby acknowledge the influence of this article on my own thinking.


  • Responsorial psalms

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