Hospital Handbook

A Practical Guide to Hospital Visitation

Lawrence D. Reimer and James T. Wagner

Jun/1984, 176 Pages, PAPERBACK, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9780819214706



Hospital visitation is a vital part of any church’s ministry. Written for the divinity student, the beginning or experienced pastor, and the lay person, this helpful handbook offers comprehensive guidance on many important aspects of pastoral care of the hospitalized.

In The Hospital Handbook, readers will find valuable advice and practical information on how to understand the hospital’s structure, gain access to its systems, and establish a rapport with staff, as well as explanations of hospital protocol and etiquette. The authors also explore the emotional and spiritual aspects of illness, and specific information on the needs of particular kinds of patients, including children, adolescents, substance abusers, plus AIDs, psychiatrics, and terminally ill patients. Resources for prayer, scripture readings, and sacraments are included.

The Rev. James T. Wagner, Ph. D., is director of Pastoral Care at Shands Hospital at the University of Florida.

Lawrence D. Reimer is pastor of the United Church of Gainesville, Florida, and UCC Campus Minister at the University of Florida.

"It has one of the most down-to-earth, brief essays about ministry in a multicultural society that once can find, along with a quick guide to permitted or prohibited foods for various religious groups. It's a tool for more situations than hospital visits, but the hospital context provides common meeting ground for every culture." - Net Results
"We may not think of ourselves as "health care workers" but we fill that role as we minister to the spiritual health of patients. Kirkwood gathered information from various Christian faiths, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Baha'I, as well as a section on Japanese traditions. The information explains basic tenets of each faith, rules for diet and fasting, guidelines for pastoral and spiritual care, views on abortion and family planning as well as transplants and autopsies, issues of modesty and care of the very ill and dying. If the above topics seem beyond what you need in your ministry, consider the Muslim and Hindu traditions Kirkwood describes of whispering a prayer in the eary of a newborn baby. Perhaps we're not so different after all." - Patti Normile for Eucharistic Minister, June 1999
"...a fine job in researching the various cultural and religious needs of patients for all health care workers....Highly recommended for all who care of the sick or elderly." - Rev. George Twigg-Porter for Pastoral Life, November 1994
"...a well-organized view of hospital ministry with an unabashed presentation of the obvious, along with the not so obvious." - The Living Church
"This is a pocket-sized book which gives a brief introduction to the major world faiths, along with guidelines in the different aspects of medical and practical care towards those who follow these faiths. Useful to health care workers, and also of interest to those who are interested in some of the practical implications of different beliefs." - Anglican World, Easter 1999
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  • Pastoral Care
  • Ministry

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