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A Heart for the Future: Writings on the Christian Hope
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A Heart for the Future

Writings on the Christian Hope

Robert Boak Slocum, Editor

List Price: $30.00

PAPERBACK , 320 pages , 6 x 9

  • Church Publishing
  • Jan/2000
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-89869-446-8

Prominent thinkers, writers, and well-known voices in the Episcopal Church come together to present a very broad spectrum of Christian thought and eschatology. Ultimately, what they have in common is the belief that the choice Christian must make is not between the now and the eternal; it is between being forward-looking and being back-ward looking. Unless we look with eagerness and longing toward the future, we will stay stranded in the past. To live the Christian life today, we need a heart for the future.



Contributors include Robert M. Cooper, David Cunningham, Ralph G. Del Colle, Ian T. Douglas, Travis DuPreist, James C. Fenhagen, Reginald H. Fuller, James E. Griffiss, Alexander Golitzin, Charles Hefling, Robert D. Hughes, D. Thomas Hughson, Alan Jones, Harold T. Lewis, Jeffrey A. Mackey, John Macquarrie, William C. Noble, Jackie Schmidt, George Tavard, Fredrica Harris Thompsett, Ellen K. Wondra, Bill Wylie-Kellerman, Paul F. M. Zahl, Wanda Zemler-Cizewski, John Zempler and Robert Boak Slocum, who is also the general editor.

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