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What Episcopalians Believe: An Introduction
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What Episcopalians Believe

An Introduction

Samuel Wells

List Price: $14.00

PAPERBACK , 112 , 5.5 x 8.5

  • Morehouse Publishing
  • Oct/2011
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-8192-2310-4

 The most recent and accessible introduction to Episcopal beliefs

Episcopal identity tends to focus on history and worship, and
sometimes on ethics—but “cradle” and new Episcopalians—plus
seekers—will benefit from having a brief, accessible summary of the
Christian faith as seen through an Episcopal lens.

There are two underlying convictions behind the book: first, that
ecumenism is at the heart of the Episcopal faith. Episcopalians are well
placed to offer themselves as a place of convergence between Roman
Catholics and Protestants, and even between Roman Catholics and the
Orthodox. Secondly, in the current conflicts both within the Episcopal
Church and between the Episcopal Church and some of its Anglican
Communion partners, there is no fundamental difference in doctrine.
The book is an attempt to portray what all parties have in common.

The book includes four parts:

The Faith—outlining notions of Trinity, Jesus, Israel, Holy Spirit, Church,
Creation, Kingdom, and salvation.
Sources of the Faith—Scripture, tradition and reason.
The Order of the Faith—Worship, Ministry, Mission.
The Character of the Faith—English legacies, American dreams, Global



Samuel Wells is the author of numerous books and is Dean of the Chapel & Research Professor of Christian Ethics at Duke University, Durham NC.

‘This combination of features results in a book that, while timely, is likely to remain relevant for years to come……Wells is to be commended for describing the faith of a historically complicated and often ideologically-charged church in a way that is at once challenging and refreshingly insightful.’

Stewart D. Clem, Duke University Divinity School, Anglican Theological Review

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