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An Open Place: The Ministry of Group Spirtual Direction
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An Open Place

The Ministry of Group Spirtual Direction

Marlene Kropf and Daniel Schrock

List Price: $24.00

PAPERBACK , 224 pages , 6 x 9

  • Morehouse Publishing
  • Nov/2012
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-8192-2816-1

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• Written from an ecumenical standpoint as a practical aid for moving those
experienced in individual spiritual direction toward group practices

This book responds to the movement to expand spiritual direction beyond the classic
one-with-one model. Group spiritual direction has the potential to offer the rich
experience of individual spiritual direction to a much wider audience, yet very little has
been written to provide guidance for starting such groups.

This book responds to that challenge. It outlines ways that a diverse and ecumenical
group of spiritual directors worked to initiate groups in multiple contexts. It examines
the many variables—among directors, directees, even meeting spaces—that affect and
enliven this ministry. And it summarizes pitfalls, successes, and discoveries.

MARLENE KROPF has been a spiritual director since 1986 and a Mennonite seminary
professor since 1985. DANIEL SCHROCK has been a spiritual director since 1996 and a
Mennonite pastor since 1990. They have been collaborating to train spiritual directors at
Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary (Elkhart, Indiana) since 2009.

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