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Shared Governance: The Polity of the Episcopal Church
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Shared Governance

The Polity of the Episcopal Church

compiled by House of Deputies Special Study Committee

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PAPERBACK , 112 , 6 x 9

  • Church Publishing
  • May/2012
  • ISBN-13: 9780898698725

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The most comprehensive survey of church governance in the Episcopal Church. Ten essays on all aspects of church governance, focusing in particular on the national level, by prominent experts on the polity of the Episcopal Church.
This study was commissioned by House of Deputies President Bonnie Anderson after the 2009 General Convention.
  • Introduction
  • To Govern and to Lead
  • Some Thoughts on History and Theology
  • The House of Deputies in the Episcopal Church
  • The Work of the house of Bishops
  • The Provincial Structure of the Episcopal Church
  • The Development and Role of Executive Council
  • The Presiding Officers
  • Committees, Commissions, Agencies and Boards
  • How to Participate: A Word to Deputies
  • One Step Beyond: The wider church
  • Some Closing Reflections
  • Bibliography


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