Jazz Mass

Karen Noble Hanson and Metro Connection Jazz Group

Jun/2012, MP3

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Karen Noble Hanson’s Jazz Mass has been performed from Florida to New York. Written to include choir, congregation, and small jazz combo, the settings are accessible and full of swing.

The album includes the full setting; pdf files of each individual title include the full set of instrumental, keyboard, choral, and congregational parts.

Karen Noble Hanson is a lifelong Episcopalian. She studied Bassoon in the preparatory department of the Eastman School of Music (University of Rochester) in Rochester, New York and graduated from the University of Rochester Cum Laude. She is a Life Trustee of the University of Rochester Board of Trustee. Married to an Episcopal Priest for 33 years (The Rev. Dr.Thomas L. Hanson, deceased), she accompanied him to parishes throughout the Diocese as he served in multiple parishes. She wrote and taught congregational music and pagents for children. She began gathering poetry, primary by women poets, that were appropriate for new hymnody. This Jazz Mass was written during her sabbatical, where she met the principals of the Metro Connection Jazz Group in Sarasota, Florida. Together they worked on the Jazz interpretation of the Mass, keeping the liturgical form of the Episcopal Service, providing singable four part harmony (not in jazz) and then developing Jazz interpretations on most of the eight parts of the Jazz Mass. It is fully scored for both liturgical singing and jazz parts.  Canon Dr. Hanson is a Canon in the Diocese of Rochester, the Chief Investment Officer with honorary degrees from St. Augustine's College in Raleigh North Carolina and the General Theological Seminary in New York City.

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