Leaders Who Last

Sustaining Yourself and Your Ministry

Margaret J. Marcuson

Mar/2009, 160 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2

ISBN-13: 9781596270954



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Is helping others overrated? Is ministry a recipe for burnout? How can pastors last the course? Author and pastor Margaret Marcuson introduces the notion of “sustainable ministry,” which trains and empowers pastors to focus on their inner resources for proactive leadership, instead of trying harder to help, fix or change others.

Leaders Who Last draws upon the author’s own pastoral experience and leadership, plus a significant analysis of leadership in both families and churches over generations. Interviews with current church leaders punctuate chapters on stress, spiritual practice, church triangles, relationships, selfawareness, money, and creating a climate where true change can take place.        

Margaret J. Marcuson studied family systems with Edwin Friedman and the Bowen Family Institute. She speaks and writes on leadership, and works with faith leaders nationally as a consultant and coach through her company, Marcuson Leadership Circle, based in Portland, Oregon. She is an ordained American Baptist minister.

"A recognized coach to leaders, Marcuson brings real-world wisdom to the pages of this book on effective ministry leadership. This is a welcome contribution to any pastor's bookshelf. "
—G.R.A.C.E. Writes

“Marcuson brings practical and tested wisdom to the pages of this book on effective ministry leadership. Insightful, often playful, she shares her coaching expertise in this short course on effective leadership.”
—Israel Galindo, The Hidden Lives of Congregations

“Both enlightening and encouraging, Marcuson’s book makes a significant contribution to the literature on Bowen theory and ministry, offering insights into leadership that lasts.”
—Peter Steinke, author and church consultant

“Deftly employing systems theory, Marcuson offers constructive guidance for those who desire to persevere in vocations that require clear self-understanding, practiced methods of leading, and spiritual maturity. I found many creative insights about crisis management as well as long-term strategies for enhancing the well being of institutional life.”
—Molly T. Marshall, President, Central Baptist Theological Seminary

“By challenging leaders to define ourselves, connect with those we lead, and regulate own anxiety through the process, Marcuson offers a model for sustainable leadership. I commend this book to all who long to last in their call to lead.”
—Joseph J. Clifford, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Dallas

"Healthy practices that can help pastors who feel they are burdened with 'pushing the people in the church uphill.' The author—a teacher, clergy consultant and coach—offers practical tips for remaining prayerful, understanding congregational relationships, getting needed support, and other aids to avoiding burnout."
The Living Church

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