Lord of Creation

A Resource for Creative Celtic Spirituality

Brendan O'Malley

Jan/2008, 320 Pages, PAPERBACK, 6.75 x 9.25

ISBN-13: 9780819222954



Presents Celtic spirituality in a way that is exciting and enriching for intergenerational groups of Christians. Fifty themed sections each provide an introduction, story, activity, meditative reflection and prayer, leading into a time of stillness and contemplation. Varied sections focus on key Bible texts, the seasons of nature, the seasons of the Christian year, putting on God's protection while getting dressed, prayers for bedtime, making a prayer corner, praying while walking, visiting a church or a holy place, looking at a Celtic cross, praying with an icon, using art and poetry in prayer, holding a peace vigil, liturgy for young people, a thanksgiving meal and a young people's eucharist. An original and very useful resource.


Brendan O'Malley is dean of the University of Wales, Lampeter, and an expert in Celtic, monastic, and pastoral spirituality. An Anglican layman, he was formerly a monk of the Roman Catholic Cistercian order. He is the author of many books, including Celtic Primer, Celtic Eucharist, and God at Every Gate (all Morehouse).


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