Old Testament from A-Z

A Spirited Romp through the Hebrew Scriptures

Jay Sidebotham

Jul/2005, 112 Pages, PAPERBACK, 4 x 6

ISBN-13: 9780819222107

Have some fun and learn about the stories and characters of the Old Testament at the same time! Episcopal priest Jay Sidebotham provides a humorous approach to Hebrew Scripture that is as educational as it is entertaining. Cartoons, along with short and funny poems, plus references to relevant Bible passages make this a great book for confirmation classes, for newcomers, and for adult and teenage education programs.

Jay Sidebotham serves as Director of RenewalWorks, a ministry of Forward Movement. A graduate of Union Seminary, New York, and ordained to the priesthood in 1990, he has served in parishes in New York, Washington, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Illinois. Throughout his ministry, he has had a deep commitment to making the Bible accessible to people of all ages, and cartoons have been one of the primary ways he has accomplished that.

" A delightful, attention-grabbing teaching aid for wee folks and big folks new to God's words."--Church and Synagogue Libraries
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