One Minute Stewardship Sermons

Charles Cloughen, Jr

Jul/1997, 144 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9780819217202



This collection of inspirational messages reflects on the many aspects of stewardship that congregations—both large and small—experience throughout the year. Designed for use at the offertory each Sunday, they may also be incorporated into the sermon or printed in the bulletin.
This resource provides scores of different ways for clergy and leaders to connect the mission and vision of the local church with the stewardship of its members’ time, abilities, and financial resources. Includes input from a dozen contributors representing several denominations and congregations of all sizes. 


Charles Cloughen Jr. has been an Episcopal priest for more than 48 years, serving in parishes in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Texas, and Maryland. He is presently the Director of Planned Giving for the Diocese of Maryland.




"One of the wisest decisions I've ever made was to hire Charlie Cloughen as our diocesan Director of Stewardship and Planned Giving. Since he began in 2009, we have tripled the number of our donors and increased substantially the total giving to our various ministries. This book will give you some of the reasons why we have been so successful. Father Cloughen gives spiritually-based and very practical ways of reminding all Christians of their role in moving forward God's vision for their communities through stewardship."

The Rt. Rev. Eugene Taylor Sutton, Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Maryland


"The idea of a one-minute stewardship sermon strikes me as a very imaginative notion that is practical and doable, and will surely abet the ongoing indispensible work of education in the congregation. Cloughen has brought to the notion the wisdom of much reflection combined with sustained passion. I will pass it along to a rich variety of churches to which I have access because such testimony, in every kind of church I know, is urgent in a way that contradicts the unspoken assumptions of most of us. Cloughen shows that we cannot speak too often or too directly about the life-transformative practice of generosity."

Walter Brueggemann


"If there is one issue, one focus, this Church needs more than just about any other at this moment, it is stewardship, the wholistic, scriptural, and bold proclamation of the life essence of our faith. Charles Cloughen's book, One Minute Stewardship Sermons is a rich resource that offers a very accessible way to 'prime the pump' of this discussion for lay and ordained leaders alike."

The Rt. Rev. Gregory H. Rickel, Bishop of Olympia


"We offer our praise and thanksgiving for the prophetic voice of Charles Cloughen who reminds us over and over again that stewardship is a response of discipleship that needs to be tended and nurtured year- round. Charles offers us a rich harvest of stewardship prayers, themes and resources that support all who preach, teach and lead as Stewards of God's abundance in the vineyard."

The Rev. Laurel Johnston, Program Officer for Stewardship, the Episcopal Church


"In my experience as a consultant in congregational development I have found that stewardship is often the most difficult topic for clergy to address in a congregation. Through wit and wisdom, Charles Cloughen offers in this book a simple and effective way to make stewardship as natural as breathing and an integral part of every worship service. In my own practice of ministry over the last 16 years it has been an invaluable tool for deepening the spirituality of congregants and developing faithful and disciplined stewards."

The Rev. Michael Mayor, Rector, All Saints Episcopal Church, and Stewardship Committee Chair for the

Episcopal Diocese of Utah


"Cloughen combines biblically based theology with practical communication methods. The book is at once a compass for stewardship preaching and a resource for one-minute, year-round stewardship meditations." --Herb Miller, Editor, Net Results,

"Within the Christian community stewardship frequently becomes confused with fund raising. While Father Cloughen often speaks about issues of money, his book also contains many wonderful reminders which ring with a Jewish understanding that our response to God's grace is to be far deeper than our pockets. I would heartily recommend this book to Christian pastors. In reading it, I was continually reminded of our opportunities which might be used to educate people in giving and also to express appreciation for faithful use of gifts." --The Rev. Frederick K. Weimert, Calvary Baptist Church, Towson MD, writing for Baltimore County Today

"...provides scores of different ways for clergy and lay leaders to offer the members of the congregation a short teaching or reflection about stewardship. It has been said 'stewardship is the main work of the church.' It has also been said 'stewardship is everything we do after we say 'I believe.' This book will help folks to begin to see stewardship in this light." --The Rochester NY Diocese's Chronicle

"Charles Cloughen has written and compiled a slim volume that is both useful and user seeks to counter the tendency in today's culture and church 'where talking about money and talking about giving do not come easily and frequently do not come joyfully'... it includes a concise summary of key biblical teachings on the use and management of material possessions, and then reflects throughout a respectable and sound theology of stewardship... it relates the giving of money not to the budget (or to such line items as utility bills) but to the church's mission and ministry that the world may know Jesus. The book is user-friendly because it gives practical ideas on how to make a brief, positive stewardship statement at the regular worship services of the congregation--a statement that reflects the sound theology while it reminds the worshipers that their offering helps further the mission of the Lord through their church...This little book can help communicate the stewardship message every Sunday of the year." --Harris W. Lee, Stewardship Consultant, as printed in Augsburg Fortress Book Newsletter, Winter 1997

"Any book that goes into a second printing within a few months of the first printing has already proved its merit--especially a book whose essential message is the disposal of money rather than it accumulation. Charles Cloughen has fashioned a heartwarming argument in favor of giving money as having money--not so much as a way of having more, although that often happens, but of enjoying it more for learning to practice a relationship to money that transforms anxiety into gratitude. Generosity is the posture of God--and the posture for which the human soul is fashioned, being shaped in the image of God. (Genesis 1:26). No imaginary story of the English language of Ebenezer Scrooge. This book, by another English speaking Charles, put that same transforming truth in girding theological terms. Its careful study will enhance any Christian's ministry and boost the vitality of any congregation." --Bennett J. Sims, Bishop Emeritus of Atlanta

"We have watched Father Cloughen preach and teach on stewardship for over a decade. This work captures his spiritual yet organized method of communicating the essence of Christian stewardship. (His book) is practical and inspiring." --Glenn and Barbara Holliman, authors of With Generous Hearts

"I find it to be perhaps the only guidebook available on assisting clergy to integrate 'every Sunday stewardship teachings' into the worship life of the congregation. We needed this kind of wisdom a hundred years ago. Thank God you have enabled it to happen now. Thank you." --Tom Gossen, Executive Director, The Episcopal Network for Stewardship

"I like especially how many of the one minute sermons affirm and thank members of the congregations for their gifts. Acknowledging how we are blessed is a first step to living the life of a steward." --Susan Graham Walker, Stewardship Education Consultant, Anglican Diocese of Toronto

"This fine book is packed with short, poignant, and pertinent reminders about the true 'why's' of a spiritual act done in Thanksgiving in order to enable the mission/ministry versus paying the bills of maintenance." --Marlene Wilson, President, Volunteer Management Associates

"This practical book offers several short messages on stewardship. The messages give a fresh approach week after week to giving and incorporate it into the worship as a meaningful part of the service. The messages also inspire the contributor to present tithes and offerings with a better understanding of God's work on planet Earth." --Avery N. Penn, Pastor, Mt. Olive Baptist Church, Towson, MD

"This book is a tremendous resource for bulletins, sermons, and thoughts that really make a difference. I've used it over and over. And the well never runs dry." --The Rev. Michael Curry, Rector, St. James Church, Baltimore

"An excellent, practical, hands-on tool for year round stewardship of money for Baby Boomers based on a theology of thanksgiving and gratitude."--Bill Easum, 21st Century Strategies, author of The Church Growth Handbook

"This book is a great resource for clergy and church leaders. Looking for innovative ways to present stewardship is sometimes a challenge, but Charles Cloughen makes presenting the subject a joy."--The General Theological Library of Bangor Theological Seminary, Fall 2000

"Charles Cloughen, from his wealth of experience as a parish priest and stewardship leader, has offered in this book a great gift to the Church!" --The Rev. Roy W. Cole, Episcopal Pastor, Interim Specialist for Revitalization

" a wonderful tool for introducing the joy of giving in a loving, non-threatening way. It is a must for any pastor!" --The Rev. Tim Wright, Executive Pastor of the Community Church of Joy, ELCA, Phoenix, AZ

"For pastors who, week by week, are faced with the challenge of leading congregations to faithful and disciplined stewardship, this book provides practical help based on solid theology. Like a good mentor, Father Cloughen offers good advice and provides the tools we need to do the job." --The Rev. Mary Morgan, Pastor of Maryland Presbyterian Church

"How many ways can you say, 'Thank you'? Running out of ideas? Here's a fresh approach on how to say thank you to your congregation 52-53 Sundays a year for their time, talents, and money. A book you can keep on your shelf and scan through for ideas year after year." --Catherine Ritter, Director of Family Life, Towson United Methodist Church

"Finally, a truly practical book for pastors and preachers on the subject of investing and giving." --The Rt. Rev. Robert W. Ihloff, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland

"The book is the practical examples and suggestions...provides material that can be used immediately--as is!!" --The Rt. Rev. C. L. Longest, Suffragan Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland, Past Member of the Standing Commission on Stewardship and Development

"Father Cloughen's creativity, commitment, and experience persuasively and convincingly lead me, as reader and rector, to many useful ideas, projects, and short sermon topics. I know that I will use his book regularly in planning programming and preaching. I recommend this book to clergy and lay leaders for their reading and use." --The Rev. Ron Reed, Rector, St. James Episcopal Church, Wichita, Kansas

"Chatty, folksy, personable, very practical! Charles Cloughen has brought the words 'celebration' and 'money' together in a glorious homage to the abundance we can all find in our lives through faith and thankfulness. This book is packed with creative, innovative ideas, helping people feel appreciated, helping parishes get out of the doldrums and on with the important, exciting work God wants us to do. I highly recommend this book for clergy and vestries." --Frederick Osborn, Director of Planned Giving for the Episcopal Church Foundation, Past Planned Giving Officer for the Episcopal Church

"Talking about stewardship throughout the year can seem an overwhelming challenge. With his [One Minute Stewardship] Sermons, the Reverend Cloughen makes that not only achievable, but informational and inspiring, as well. His examples should help others create their own soundbytes that will help their congregations understand this aspect of Christian life." --Terry Parsons, National Stewardship Officer, The Episcopal Church Center ___________________________________________________________________________________________



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