On the Road to Samaria

Faith in Christ

Colleen Scheid

Jan/2014, 4 Pages, INSTANT DOWNLOAD

ISBN-13: 9781606741856

The issue of trusting Christ is causing conflict between two disciples: Nathaniel and Philip. Jesus’ culture-defying acceptance of the Samaritan woman challenges both of them at the end of the sketch. When Philip and Nathaniel see Christ and the Samaritan woman, they will be looking offstage. (Those characters will never be seen.)

Colleen Scheid is a life-long writer and has performed nationally with Friends of the Groom Theater Company since 1984 (www.friendsofthegroom.org). She has also been writing, directing and performing plays for her own church, College Hill Presbyterian Church, since the early 1990s, so she has a good feel for the constraints of working in the local church with limited resources, and her sketch and monolog scripts are written with the local church in mind. In addition to the collection available through Skiturgies, Colleen has drama published by Lillenas Publishing, Standard Publishing and Contemporary Drama Service. Her first novel, Drug Free Actors, is available from Amazon and Kindle.

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