Praise the Lord, My Soul

Psalm 104 for Children

Christopher L. Webber, illustrated by Preston McDaniels

Sep/2002, 32 Pages, HARDCOVER, 7 x 10

ISBN-13: 9780819218896

The Psalms are some of our best-loved religious literature, but they are often hard for children to appreciate and learn. Now, Christopher Webber, author of the New Metrical Psalter, has paraphrased the psalms to make them accessible for pre-schoolers and early readers. This first book in a new series features colorful and energetic illustrations that place the text in a modern idiom, helping children understand the relevance of the Psalms for their own lives. (Ages 3-6)

Christopher L. Webber is an Episcopal priest, who has led urban, rural, and overseas parishes. In addition to Welcome to the Christian Faith, he is the author of The Vestry Handbook, Love Came Down, A Time to Turn, Welcome to Sunday, Welcome to the Episcopal Church, A Traveler's Prayer Book, An American Prayer Book, and coauthor of A Year with American Saints. He lives in San Francisco.



Preston McDaniels is a popular children's book illustrator. His books for Morehouse include Praise the Lord My Soul, Shout for Joy and Sing!, and a series of popular illustrated hymns including God of the Sparrow, All Things Bright and Beautiful.

Preston McDaniels studied music before turning to art. He is a free-lance illustrator and lives in Aurora, Nebraska. He is the illustrator of two other hymn books, Now the Day is Over (2001) and All Things Bright and Beautiful (2000), both from Morehouse Publishing.

" auspicious beginning."--Sharon Sheridan, Episcopal Life, December 2002

"Praise The Lord My Soul is a superbly presented picture book and highly recommended for Christian beginning readers."--John Taylor, Midwest Book Review.

"Webber retells the glorious Psalm, and McDaniel's pastel illustrations fill each page with softest beauty."--The Catholic Parent, March/April 2003

"Praise the Lord My Soul: Psalm 107 for Children is a color picture book rendition of Psalm 104 specifically written by Christopher L. Webber and illustrated by Preston McDaniels for young readers. Illustrating Psalm 104 with gentle colors and images of young people enjoying the outdorrs. Praise the Lord My Soul is a superbly presented picture book and highly recommended for Christian beginning readers."--The Midwest Book Review, March 2003

"Psalm 104 as faithfully retold by Christopher Webber praises God the Creator for the ordering of creation that hums along in reassuring harmony. Preston McDaniels' gently colorful illustrations make Webber's words come alive. The Youngest children will want to see again and again the rabbits, birds, lions, goats, raccoons, and owls that inhabit the pages of this book." "Webber appropriately pint sizes complex themes. God's theophany, which the psalm in its opening verses portrays with storm imagery used for ancient Near Eastern deities, is described in terms of God 'wrapping...up in sunlight like a robe'; the streams of yellow in the sky virtually shimmer to convey this image." "This book can't help but convince children and the adults who read to and with them, of our dependence upon God and God's reliability." "These two books (Praise the Lord, My Soul and Shout for Joy and Sing!) provide wonderful resources for home and Sunday school. Both books show McDaniels' concern for inclusiveness; his children are a racially diverse bunch. Both books make it clear that worship stands a the center of our life with God by showing children happily singing in the sanctuary or eagerly on their way to church. The Psalms, after all, have always been part of the worship life of Judaism and the church."--Denise Dombkowski Hopkins, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington DC for Family Ministry, Summer 2004


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