Praying: A Book for Children

Nancy L. Roth

Jan/2000, 55 Pages, PAPERBACK, 6x8

ISBN-13: 9780898691894

This welcome addition to resources available for children and parents is a book about prayer as a way of life. It proposes in text and illustrations that prayer may happen through noticing, thinking, working, playing, and making decisions, as well as through words and speaking. Although designed for ages 8 to 12, sections could be read to younger children.

The Rev. Nancy Roth is an Episcopal priest, retreat leader, author, dancer, and musician. Assisting Priest at Christ Episcopal Church in Oberlin, Ohio, she travels widely as a retreat conductor and workshop leader offering classes on the integration of body and spirit. Nancy Roth's many books include Breath of God,  Organic Prayer, An Invitation to Christian Yoga and Spiritual Exercises.

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