Retreat Designs and Meditation Exercises

With Guidelines for Retreat Leaders and Covenant Groups

Suzanne G. Farnham

Aug/1994, 60 Pages, Paperback, 8.5 x 11

ISBN-13: 9780819216212



A practical guide to planning spiritual retreats.

Step-by-step retreat designs, accompanying meditation exercises, and leader’s guidelines based on the bestseller Listening Hearts, are presented in this unique resource. Songs, from the Listening Hearts Songbook, specially-planned Eucharists, Scripture readings, meaningful projects, and meditation options are arranged to result in a Spirit-filled community bonding.

Retreats designed to

    •Create an atmosphere that will develop a sense of the meaning and value of spiritual community.

    •Present a variety of opportunities to reflect on God’s call to each participant.

    •Allow retreatants time to present centered in God.

Retreat Designs and Meditation Exercises can be used with other Listening Hearts series books: Listening Hearts, Grounded in God (Revised Edition), and the Manual for Discussion Leaders.

Suzanne G. Farnham is the founder of Listening Hearts Ministries and a popular speaker and retreat leader. She is the author of Retreat Designs and Meditation Exercises, and the co-author of Grounded in God and Keeping in Tune with God. She lives in Baltimore, Maryland

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