St. Barnabas

Son of Encouragement

Francis A.Hubbard


ISBN-13: 9781606741085

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Total pages: 10

The intention of this play is to help participants get "inside" the story of the early Church as described in the first half of The Acts if the Apostles by focusing on the key figure of Barnabas. This play may be of particular interest to churches that are named for St. Barnabas, but is not just for them. It may be produced as the sermon in the liturgy on or close to St. Barnabas Day (June 11). It can be a "spring finale" production for teens and older children in Sunday School, or it can be done inter-generationally The opening words of this play are taken directly from Chapter 2 of Acts, and the rest are based on the activities of Barnabas described in Acts Chapters 4, 9, 11, and 13-15.

Cast of Characters (18+/-)

Speaking roles: (14)

Member of the crowd on Pentecost
Messenger from Antioch
Apostle #1
Apostle #2
Apostle #3
Apostle #4
Apostle #5
Follower from Antioch
The Holy Spirit
Simeon of Antioch

Non-speaking roles: (4+)

Lucius and Manaen of Antioch,
Members of the crowd on Pentecost
Members of the church in Antioch

Time Length: 30 minutes approximately

Age Level: Youth, Adults

Francis A. Hubbard is a husband, father, grandfather and an Episcopal priest in the Diocese of New Jersey.

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