Sunday Morning w St. Nicholas and John the Baptist

An Advent Skit about Charity and Repentance

Kristen Agudelo


ISBN-13: 9781606741399

Join Dr. A.D. Vent, talk show host, as he interviews John the Baptist and St. Nicholas to learn the question, “What is the right way to prepare for Christmas?”

This short, three-person skit for Advent can be performed as a full dramatic production with costumes and memorized lines, or as a simpler production with actors holding scripts and minimal costuming. Due to the complexity of the material, the skit is best performed by older teens or adults.

Each of the characters has a definite “flavor.” (Think of an exaggerated Dr. Phil or Oprah.) Chairs or stools can be used for each character, set up in the front of your sanctuary or chancel area for everyone to see. Saint Nicholas is dignified and humble. John the Baptist is a little wild and unpredictable – someone you can actually picture hanging out in the desert and eating bugs.

Time Length: 15 minutes

Age Level: Most appropriate to be performed by youth

Auduence: All Ages

Cast: 3:

  • Talk show host (Mr. A.D. Vent)
  • Saint Nicholas
  • John and Baptist

Pages: 8

Kristin Agudelo is a high school history teacher and writer. She has degrees in religion and anthropology, and served as Christian Formation Director at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Brunswick, Maine, for six years.

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