The Chant of Life

Liturgical Studies Four

Mark L MacDonald, editor

Jan/2000, PAPERBACK, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9780898692990



What does it mean to inculturate liturgy? Why is it necessary? What value does it hold for the people? Does it impact the church as a whole? What does the process of inculturation teach about liturgy? Bishop McDonald, as editor, has assembled a broad list of contributors who address the issues of liturgical inculturation from theological, scriptural, musical, spiritual, and pastoral perspectives in the context of the Native American community. The discussions are of value to the wider church as it looks forward to a new era.

Table of Contents
Introduction - Mark L. MacDonald
Ritual and Inculturation: Reclaiming Native Tradition in Christian Liturgy - Malcolm Naea Chun
Incarnation into Culture: Becoming the Church in a new Millennium - Clayton L. Morris
Frigid Cold Can't Stop the Holy Spirit - Ginny Doctor
Essential Worship - Leonel L. Mitchell
Where Will the Native American Liturgy Come From? - John E. Robertson
Singing for Life and Music in the Small Parish - Marilyn Haskel
Towards a Lakota Rite - Martin Brokenleg
Our Place: Inculturating [Anglo] Liturgical Space - Juan M. C. Oliver
Mother the Earth - William C. Wantland
Inculturation: Not Just a Dairy Product Anymore - Monte Mason
Planning with Native Americans for a Shared Worship Experience - Steve Charleston
The Alaskan Orthodox Mission and Cosmic Christianity - Michael J. Oleksa
Compass Rose Liturgical Tourists - Juan Quevedo-Bosch

Recommendations Towards the Inculturation of Lakota Catholicism
Outline for Infant Baptism [Lakota]
A Christian Rite to Express Respect to One's Ancestors
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