The Church in History


ISBN-13: 9780819219237



This unique approach to understanding the history of the Anglican and Episcopal Churches was originally part of the 1979 Church’s Teaching Series. Rather than writing a simple chronological history of the Church, John Booty, one of the premier experts in church history, explores the subject thematically. Booty addresses four major areas:

  • the Church and its essential nature
  • how a weak and faltering Church can be renewed and reformed
  • how Christ, culture, church, and state relate to one another
  • the Church’s historical and current understanding of its mission

Throughout, Booty concentrates not only on the history itself, but how that history relates to today’s Church. Excellent for course work, or for lay study.

John Booty taught Church History at Virginia Seminary and the Episcopal Theological School. He was also professor of Anglican Studies at The University of the South, where he served as Dean of the School of Theology. He currently resides in Center Sandwich, New Hampshire.



  • Anglican History

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