The Complete Training Course for Altar Guilds

B. Don Taylor

Apr/1993, 256 Pages, PAPERBACK, 8 1/2 x 11

ISBN-13: 9780819215932



Train new altar guild members with this study book featuring illustrated modules that cover church history, church buildings, appointments, furniture, vessels, linens, vestments, the Christian year and more.

B. Don Taylor has been co-director of his parish altar guild with his wife, Mary Ann, and has developed self-paced training materials for such major companies as Xerox Corporation and Eaton Corporation.

"...a clear and logically-paced guide to learning about and preparing the church--its space and furnishings--for worship...I thoroughly enjoyed this book, learned a great deal, and will certainly recommend it to others." --Travis Du Priest, The Living Church, June 27, 1993
"Altar guild members are shown how to become "stage managers" for the Passion play that Episcopalians attend and participate in weekly...covers every detail of what [Taylor] humorously terms the "props," the "stage," the "holy hardware," the "costumes," and more. Following a brief history of altar guilds, the guide explains physical aspects of the Eucharist, uses and care for vestments, vessels, and linens, along with a thorough review of the seasons of the Christian year." --Cokesbury Episcopal Resource Catalog 1994
"Mr. Taylor has produced a comprehensive, well-organized, and practical altar guild manual...There are numerous illustrations, checklists, and diagrams to enliven the text and provide a ‘show and tell' for both new and experienced guild members...Taylor has made his subject seem totally approachable." --Peggy Chittum, reviewing for Journal of Women's Ministries, Winter 1993-1994
"It is written in a bright and breezy style and is accompanied by a multitude of clear line drawings which illustrate the text. Both the printing and the layout are exceptionally easy to read and the book includes a comprehensive index at the beginning and a glossary at the back which are valuable for quick reference...In all, a wealth of information, attractively packaged...a valuable addition to any parish reference library." --Carol Fenley, reviewing for ECW Communique, Summer 1993



  • Altar Guild
  • Lay Ministry

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